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Table Flip - Interview: North American Championship Winner (Matt "mattkohls")

Patrick and Nate sit down with the winner of the NA National Champion and talk about gencon and the tournament.
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Podcast Description: We are very honored to have Matt on the show! He talks about his experience at GenCon and the tournament. He goes in depth about his matches, deck match ups, why he ran an all core darkside deck, the process and work him and his team put into preparing for the national tournament. and much more!

Be sure to check out his podcast as well. Its about geeky things so I think you guys will love it! I know we do!


Discussion thread: http://www.cardgamed...matt-mattkohls/

Facebook: http://www.facebook....ableFlipPodcast

We are looking for feedback. We want to improve the show and make it better and better: tableflip@outlook.com


How is in the North American Nationals when North America is not a nation? :)
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How is in the North American Nationals when North America is not a nation? :)

I said the same thing to Patrick before they recorded reminding him to cal it North American championship not Nationals. People have fallen in to the habit of calling it nationals.
Like National Grammar Rodeo in Canada?
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What decks did he use? I'm just curious.
Rebel alliance
2x The Defense of Yavin 4
2x The Rebel Fleet
2x Renegade Squadron Mobilization
2x Prepare for Evacuation
2x Raise the Stakes

Imperial Navy
2x Fall of the Jedi
2x Councel of the Sith
2x The Emperor's Web
Imperial Command
2x Defense Protocol
Reconnaissance Mission
That was a great podcast guys, keep it up!