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The Tactical Squad

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Episode 15 - One Year Anniversary Special!

Our one year anniversary special! On today's episode we: Strategize playing against Packmaster Kith Talk about growing your Conquest community Recap one year of podcasting glory and MORE!

Episode 14 - Spooky Dreams!

On our podcast Liz "Swamp Thing" Malette, Jon "the Crypt Keeper" Yeo, Travis "the Executioner" Provick and Alex "the Umbral Preacher" Cybulski preview the freshly spoiled Tau warlord. We also discuss our hopes and dreams for the planetfall cycle and our team discusses damage resolution effects so you can better predict what will happen on the battlefield!

Episode 13 - Better Living Through Biomass

Jon! Liz! Alex! Three squad members enter! One squad member leaves! We talk about prizes for Conquest Worlds & the 2016 Store Championships! Then the Tactical Squad covers timing & targeting rules!

Episode 12 - Tyranid Attack!

In the latest episode of The Tactical Squad podcast, Liz and Alex are joined by Mark and Travis for a four person cast. We discuss Alex's second place finish at Canadian Nationals, the recently announced fifth War Pack in the Planetfall cycle, Wrath of the Crusaders, and dive into a detailed analysis of the new Tyranid cards released in The Great Devourer.

Episode 11 - Great Devourer Core Units Review

This week on our Warhammer 40,000: Conquest podcast: We welcome Liz back, she fills us in on her Gencon experience. We quickly go over the FFG preview for the 4th warpack, What Lurks Below then jump straight into the core factions from the Great Devourer deluxe expansion. Finally, we end it off with a brand new contest.

Episode 10 - Long Overdue Spoilers Review Ft Mark Tang

Guest host Mark Tang fills in for Liz as we catch up on all the previews from the Planetfall cycle as well as The Great Devourer deluxe expansion. We also drop a new synapse creature spoiler.

Episode 9 - Planetfall Preview And Deckbuilding Archetypes

We talk about the upcoming planetfall cycle, review regionals and discuss deckbuilding with archetypes! We also spotlight a cool online resource in our community spotlight

Episode 8 - Descendants Of Isha

Our final warpack review from this cycle and it is MAMMOTH in length!

Episode 7: The Threat Beyond Review

Liz, Jon and Alex review the threat beyond and hail warboss Tang

Episode 6: Temptation

Regular Episode Number 2

Episode 5: Zogwort's Curse

We review the Zogwort's Curse Warpack, Interview Mr. Mark Tang and Bring you all some Eldar Spoilers from the Threat Beyond warpack!

Episode 4: Good Hugs

Our first regular episode! You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts!

Episode 3: Gift Of The Ethereals

The Tactical Squad's Gift of the Ethereals Warpack Review!

Episode 2: The Scourge Review

Alex, Elizabeth, Jon, and Sean all get the flu while they discuss the cards released in the latest Conquest LCG warpack, The Scourge!

Episode 1: Howl Of Blackmane Review

Shomar, Jon, and Elizabeth discuss the cards in the first warpack of the Conquest LCG.

Minicast 6: Core Set Chaos

ITS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!! Listen as Jon reviews the Chaos cards from the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG core set while Liz and Alex play the roles of Statler and Waldorf shouting from their balcony.



Minicast 5: Neutral Core Set

Alex reviews the neutral cards from the Conquest LCG core set.

Minicast 4: Core Set Dark Eldar

Shomar reviews the Dark Eldar cards from the Conquest LCG core set.

Minicast 3: Core Set Astra Militarum

Jon reviews the Astra Militarum cards from the Conquest LCG core set and discusses strategy and allies.

Minicast 2: Core Set Tau

Elizabeth reviews some of the Tau cards from the Conquest LCG core set and discusses strategy and allies.

Minicast 1: Core Set Orks

Shomar reviews the Ork cards from the Warhammer 40k Conquest LCG core set