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Bombing Run

Bombing Run

Bombing Run

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Imperial Navy
Play only during your turn.
Action: Do any of the following up to once each:
* Spend 1 to deal 1 damage to a target objective.
* Spend 1 to discard a target non-limited enhancement.
* Spend 1 to deal 1 damage to a target unit.

Resources Generated:
Block Number: 278 - 6 of 6
Set: Swayed by the Dark Side Number: 2156
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Illustrator: Kieran Yanner

Should you copy the effect of this event, ignoring cost and triggering condition (say with I Don't Like You Either), could you get all 3 effects for free? IE : I play Bombing Run (cost 1), spend 1 resource to discard an enhancement. Then I react with IDLYE, and resolve all 3 effects.
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Edit: This is incorrect. As Lertush says below, replicating Bombing Run with I Don't Like You, Either will duplicate each effect that the Dark Side player paid for during the event's resolution.

No. The event's effect lets you spend resources to damage an objective, damage a unit or discard a non-limited enhancement. Duplicating that effect only gives you the option of spending resources twice on each of those abilities.

I Don't Like You, Either reads "Reaction: After an event card’s effects resolve, deal 2 damage to this objective to resolve those effects again as if you control them, ignoring any costs and trigger conditions. You may choose new target(s), if applicable".

So, I think that the result of triggering objective depends on what effects of Bombing Run you have actually resolved. If you resolve, say, only one out of three its potential effects (for example, deal 1 damage to a target objective), you will copy only this current effect (deal 1 damage to the same or another objective).
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Both interpretations seem logical to me, so I sent a rules question to FFG. Lertush is correct. I Don't Like You, Either will replicate any effects the Dark Side player payed for while playing Bombing Run. If you'd like to confirm, see FFG's response.

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There's some hand-waving involved in making Bombing Run work.  Don't look too closely.

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