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♦ Myo

Type: Unit
Cost: 4
Force Icons: 2
Icons: 2 1
Faction: Dark Sith
Character. Night.
Protect non-[Sith] Character.
Reaction: After you refresh, move 1 damage from this unit to a target enemy unit.
Health: 3
Resources Generated:
Block Number: 277 - 2 of 6
Set: Swayed by the Dark Side Number: 2148
Illustrator: Marius Bota
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Jan 01 2018 07:44 PM
Apart from the art being horrible on this card, what does a “night” deck look like, and is Myo included?

I'm underwhelmed by Myo and I don't see him going into my deck. What makes Night pods tricky is their lack of resources. The Night deck I was messing around with was:


x2 Nightsister Matron, GA Palp, Djas, Bane
x1 IDYLE, Mara

This is a really fun and aggressive deck. You'll always start with a Night objective T1 and you build up from there to make Djas/Deffels powerful. You also got a Force Hunter theme to work with.


A more aggro version of the above deck I'm currently playing is:


x2 Nightsister Matron, GA Palp, Bane, IDLYE

x1 Spice Trade, Rav

Lots of black bombs. Swap a copy of the Matron for Mara if that suits your tastes. 

Right now I'm running Knives in the Night X2 The Reawakening Scourge of the Empire Counsel of the Sith Hunter in the Night X2 No Disintegrations X2 The Hutt's Menagerie Attack with Jarek to remove a Nightsister Warrior from the force then recommit to do a damage plus a draw a card if you have the Matron out plus damage can't be prevented if Djah attacks

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