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Masterful Manipulation

Masterful Manipulation

Masterful Manipulation

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Scum and Villainy affiliation only.
Reaction: After your opponent’s turn ends, shuffle this objective back into your objective deck to draw 1 card.
Health: 4
Resources Generated: 2
Block Number: 135 - 1 of 6
Set: Between the Shadows Number: 0670
Illustrator: David Ogilvie
* * * * *   1 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 135
Block Stats:
# Units: 3
Total Cost: 10
Average Cost: 2
Total Force Icons: 8
Average Force Icons: 1.6
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...to draw 1 card' - does that mean to draw a new objective or a card from deck and the new objective is added during refresh?

Draw 1 card from your command deck, then on your refresh, you'd replace Masterful Manipulation with the top objective, which could be masterful manipulation again as you shuffled it back into your objective deck.

Reference for this is on pg 10 of the rulebook, hidden in the "Prepare Decks" section where it describes how the game refers to the command deck and objective deck:

"Unless stated otherwise, when a player is instructed to “draw” one or more  cards, he does so from his command deck."

So, strange corner case here. You have no cards left in your deck. Boushh is on the table along with Xizor. It is the end of the light side player's turn. The dial is at 10. You want to use this ability to capture a card with Xizor, trigger Boushh to tick the dial to 11, then win with during the balance phase when the dial clicks up by 1 (the Force is with the Light Side). You can't do that because shuffling the objective is a cost you pay to draw a card and since you can't draw a card, you can't pay the cost, so DS loses when they hit their draw phase.


I'm just thinking out loud.

It may actually be worse than that. Either you cannot initiate the ability because you cannot draw a card as you suggest. Or you can initiate the ability because the effect will cause a change in the game state: you lose because you must draw a card and cannot (which would cause you to lose before even getting to Trigger Xizor).

How the hell do you trigger Boushh's reaction with Xizor in the first place? :o

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Also note that you can't trigger Boushh because you'd have to capture a unit from play.
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Yeah, that too. I was too busy thinking about whether you could trigger the reaction and lose the game at all that I missed that :-)

Thanks. This is why I was thinking out loud. So let's forget about Boushh.


Dbmeboy, I understand it as not being able to resolve the effect because you have no cards. Is it possible to initiate the effect and lose because you are forced to draw a card when you have none? I thought the answer would be "no."

If the effect had any other part that could resolve, the answer would definitely be yes, you could initiative it and then lose when you failed to draw a card (example: ISB Liaison). However, as the only part of the effect is drawing a card, it's possible that 3.6 would keep it from initiating, though "successfully resolve" has been interpreted as "changes the game state" in other rulings and arguably going from not having lost to having lost is a change in game state and thus might be enough to satisfy 3.6 (ie the effect successfully resolves with the result of you losing the game instead of drawing a card).
Nov 02 2016 06:49 PM

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