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Show of Force

Show of Force

Show of Force

Type: Event
Cost: 5
Force Icons: 3
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Black Sun.
Action: Put each Black Sun unit from your discard pile into play, if able. At the end of the phase, discard each Black Sun unit you control.
Block Number: 138 - 6 of 6
Set: Between the Shadows Number: 0687
Illustrator: Cristi Balanescu
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So this is your big finisher, right? You defend a few times to keep the dial ticking up and then Black Sun Bomb to destroy several objectives on the same turn to move the dial for the win, eh?


I note this says to "discard" each Black Sun unit you control, so I assume this does NOT trigger the Forced Reaction on Zekka Thyne, correct? Discard =/= Destroy in this game, right?

Yes. It's an expensive card, but late in the game, it can give you enough units to win. Early on, it's a 3-pip edge card.

You're right that "discard" and "destroy" have separate meanings. Discarding or sacrificing Zekka Thyne won't trigger his reaction. His reaction only goes of if he is destroyed through damage or effects that say "destroy," such as Force Lightning and Deadly Sight.

Yes, you are correct.  His interrupt requires that he be destroyed, so discarding , sacrificing or any other non-destruction removal etc does not cause his ability to go off.  Another thing to note is that ALL black sun are discarded at the end turn, not just black sun units that were put into play via the discard pile by this event.

Has anyone actually played this? Is it good? I've always thrown edged it and I've played with Hunters a ton. I've been meaning to try an all Black Sun deck, but haven't got around to it. I've noticed I always have a ton of units on board with scum decks towards the end of the game anyway.

I don't play Scum much, so I've only used it once. However, when I did, it won the game. If I remember correctly, I attacked an objective I didn't care about to bait my opponent into defending with everything he had, then deliberately lost edge so he'd kill Xizor. Show Of Force brought Xizor, Bousch and a Black Sun Headhunter into play, giving me enough blast to destroy the remaining two objectives and close the game.

Of course, I was playing a Jedi deck that may have wiped my board with My Ally is the Force. Show of Force might come up less frequently in other match-ups, but since it has three pips, that doesn't bother me.

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Feb 11 2016 09:39 PM

Pretty much nailed it. With 4 head hunters in the discard this event can be quite the headache for the LS, especially if you played agressivly before they entered the discard and already have some damage on objectives. Keep in mind this will not trigger when destroyed reactions when things leave play but it will trigger enters play reactions. This really only effects Snoova but with him and Bousch in discard you can get another bonus dial tick out of this.

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its good cause it cost 5 lol

I guess you'd want to wipe the board first with Zekka and then hit with everything.

Question: if I play this and bring both Boushh and Snoova, can I capture with Snoova and then tick the dial up the Boushh?


Ok as a fan of Scum, I love this card =) Thanks Thaliak!
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