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Coruscant Defense Fleet

Coruscant Defense Fleet

Coruscant Defense Fleet

Type: Unit
Cost: 5
Force Icons: 2
Icons: 5
Faction: Dark Sith
Vehicle. Capital Ship. Fleet.
Protect Coruscant. (If a Coruscant card you control would be damaged, you may place the damage on this unit instead.)
This unit cannot be declared as an attacker.
Health: 5
Block Number: 22 - 2 of 6
Set: Core Number: 0026
Illustrator: Wibben
* * * * -   1 Sith Warriors have rated this card!
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 Can you use this card to protect other coruscant objective sets? pretty nice card wish you could attacked with it but would be over powered probably lol.

Yes. It has protect coruscant, which means it can protect any coruscant traited objective, even unit, if one existed. Technically, it could protect any coruscant traited card that can take damage.

It's perfect on defense. Makes your opponent very wary of his attacks if he isn't sure he can win an edge battle, and even if you lose the edge, it still can shield the objective and has 5 health.

Or you just leave it back and let it soak damage on heart.

only thing I don't like about this card is that it comes with the heart of the empire objective deck.

it has disadvantages and advantages.  


On the negative side it gives your opponent an easier win condition, on the positive side it lets you get first turn emperors and vaders pretty easily.  starting with multiple copies doesn't hurt you and can sometimes protect weaker objectives like emperors web since they probably aren't going to try to kill both.  The defense fleets are there to negate the objectives downside though and with even 1 out, their win condition is the same as it normally would be, possibly harder because you can't get multiple free unopposed damage per turn and you can utilize its shielding.  If you get both your defense fleets out and they have been attacking heart, it actually makes their win condition harder and can really frustrate someone when that win condition gets further and further away.   


Having said that, the moldy crow is a hard counter to your defense fleets since it completely turns off, not only your protect, but your shielding too....so keep hold of a deadly sight to get rid of that pesky ship if it hits the table.  I learned the hard way....


I ran a mono sith deck with 2 heart of the empires at a recent store championship and it didn't lose a game, so its a disadvantage you can work with.

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