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The Slave Trade

The Slave Trade

The Slave Trade

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Reaction: After you win a Force struggle, capture the top card of an opponent's deck at this objective, if able.
Forced Reaction: After you loose a Force struggle, 1 random card is rescued from this objective, if able.
Health: 6
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 111 - 1 of 6
Set: Knowledge and Defense Number: 562
Illustrator: Jason Juta
* * * * *   1 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 111
Block Stats:
# Units: 3
Total Cost: 8
Average Cost: 1.6
Total Force Icons: 8
Average Force Icons: 1.6
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Jun 11 2014 03:02 AM

Okay I have been wondering for a while now is this objective set any good? How can it be used? I cant seem to play this set correctly soooo... help please.

6 Damage Capacity objective is already good on its own. Its ability can be inconsistent, but is more fuel for units like the Weequay Elite, Slave I and the Slaver that comes in this set. Also, even if units are being rescued, that helps you to keep getting back 4-LOM. 

Worth mentioning you can pair it with The Tattooine Crash to try and mill your opponent. Just remember they'll get a lot of cards back if they destroy an objective.


The Slaver is a solid defender and decent Force holder. His ability can power your edge and fill the enemy hand with bad cards, as you decide what to give them.


Galactic Scum is great for its cost. Cheap damage and tactics, and unlike the S&S Hired Hands, they don't instantly blow up. Do try to keep the Force though.


Slaver Holding Cells is an amazing resource. Nothing to add here.


Relentless Pursuit can give you a ton of information about the enemy deck just for 1 resource. Maybe even capture a card in the process. If you can't/don't want to use it that way, throw it in the edge. With 3 icons it's quite powerful in a department Scum is normally lacking.

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Majestaat named most of all the great things about the set.  Its funny, at first glance the set can look just MEH, but after using it, its very good.  The best thing about the set imo, as Majestaat mentioned, is the fact that you know when your going to lose the force for the most part and using the slaver to draw up to 4 extra cards per turn is just a killer for LS trying to win an edge battle.  I got crushed by a scum deck vs a moldy crow deck with the objective and a farmer becuase i still could not win an edge and just got focused down every turn.


pair this set up with tatooine crash and findsmans intuition and a jabbas orders and you just have a ton of tactics to stop any and all attacks.

can this capture also from objective deck? nothing in the text forbids it (nor in the rules)

Nope any reference to a player's "deck" means his command deck unless stated otherwise. Page.10 of the rule book

oh, ok, completely missed that paragraph ... would have been pretty strong other way (;


Whose seen this in action yet? sounds good

its very good.  if you can get the slaver out and have, say, this objective and or tatooine crash, you have enough card draw that its VERY tough for the opponent to win an edge battle after that.  On top of that, the resource is awesome (as are all of the force resources), and the chuds are crazy good for the cost.   even the event is pretty good if not a bit situational, but if you can grab a han/luke/chewie/falcon/yoda etc etc, you can make sure they aren't going to see that card any time soon.

I'm currently in the process of rotating through three Scum pods with resources and finding the best two for me. I've always been hesitant but I think I'm gonna swap IDLYE with this one and see what happens.

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