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Assassin Droid

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Assassin Droid

Assassin Droid

Type: Unit
Cost: 4
Force Icons: 2
Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Neutral
Droid. Assassin.
Reaction: After this unit destroys an enemy unit, remove 1 focus token from this unit.
"Take that, meatbag!"
Health: 2
Block Number: 83 - 2 of 6
Set: Edge of Darkness Number: 385
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Jul 23 2013 12:41 PM
Love this card! It's the old assassin droid that joins your party in knight of the old republic (KOTOR) on old Xbox. Cant remember his story now, but I think he was made by some Sith lord and then rebelled because he was too independent and hated flesh beings, hence the meat-bag comment.
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Blasphemy! It's not 'just' the assasin droid made by 'some' sith lord. It's HK-47, made by none other than Darth Revan! :P At least in the picture he is. As he's not unique and you will able to have two of them in one deck, I'm inclined to think of the assasin droid as the HK-51 line (painted red).
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Doesn't feel as much as an assassin though as a on-field killing machine.
I REALLY want to like this card (and his set for that matter) but its just really bad. the droid himself is terrible at 4 cost for a 2 health, 2 combat icon unit is crazy, and the aqualish thugs at 3 cost for a 1 health unit is really bad. spice visions is good, the fate card is good, and the objective is above average as well, but the units are so bad it is really hard to get this set in a deck for me.
With his reaction the droid would have made for an excellent defensive unit if only he had one more health point. For the cost to pay him that wouldn't seem so unreasonable. The aqualish thugs can dish out some nice random dmg, I suppose, but I would have liked to see some more force icons on them to make this objective set more balanced in terms of cost, effectiveness and utility :(

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