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Asteroid Pursuit

Asteroid Pursuit

Asteroid Pursuit

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Neutral
Limit 1 per objective deck.
Forced Reaction: After you refresh, damage this objective.
"Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral. I want that ship, not excuses." - Darth Vader, The Empire Strikes Back
Health: 6
Resources Generated: 3
Block Number: 90 - 1 of 6
Set: Edge of Darkness Number: 412
* * - - -   3 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 90
Block Stats:
# Units: 3
Total Cost: 7
Average Cost: 1.4
Total Force Icons: 7
Average Force Icons: 1.4
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One would have thought that since this objective destroys itself that there would be at least one amazing card in the set. However that is not the case at all.
Ye, I'm a bit confused about this objective too. I guess they reasoned that the 3 resources was the boon it got for the drawback... but I wouldn't agree. That ability makes it pretty much a 3 health objective or less :b
I have thought about this set in combination with sabotage in the snow. the shields and event that gives bonus damage for shielded units could combo well with forward command, and sets like the generals imperative and the upcoming walker set in battle for hoth.

but I have yet to really sit down and attempt to put together a deck with it yet. the odd card in the set to me is the capital ship that synergizes with capturing, yet nothing else in the set makes much sense in, say, a scum type deck.
Jul 30 2013 11:55 PM
this pod baffles me.
The sentries actually seem pretty nice against sleuths as early defenders as a shield to protect themselves from its unit damage or to protect a critical objective. But they're just decent and the rest doesn't really offer anything amazing that you'd wanna replace another pod with this one for.
Actually, thinking of it, it might find a place in a navy trooper-based shields deck with Take Them Prisoner, Veers and Forward Command Post. The three resources might come handy for that final huge assault.
I have seen this objective in action a couple times. I really think that it serves as kind of a first massive push for the dark side, enabling you to get a BIG unit out on turn one. This WOULD go well with the Navy Capital Ships and shields, since the damage dealt each turn could be negated. The problem is, after that first big unit, you will be left slowwwly refreshing its ability to use the 3 again. You might opt to use only 2 of its resources, but then why wouldn't you just run another objective that has 2 resources that DOESN'T blow itself up. So my call? Turn one massive unit, followed by a small resource penalization with the POTENTIAL to do it maybe one more time.
It's also a good objective to flip when another objective is destroyed.

I have seen this objective in action a couple times. I really think that it serves as kind of a first massive push for the dark side, enabling you to get a BIG unit out on turn one.

That would have worked best if the objective had provided a resource match like imperial navy. Giving the thematics of the filmscene it refers to and the units in the pod, that shouldn't have been so strange.

I agree with Laxen that it might only work optimally in an imperial trooper deck, but it still feels like a very strange combo. At least with 'deploy' the fleet you can choose how easy you want to make it for LS to destroy the objective and also get out those big capital ships.

This WOULD go well with the Navy Capital Ships and shields, since the damage dealt each turn could be negated.

Correct me if I am wrong but the problem with this is that the damage is dealt as a reaction after the refresh phase. Because shield tokens are removed as step two of the refresh phase there will not be any shield on the objective when the reaction is forced so the damage cannot be negated this way.

Additionally the damage cannot be stopped by a shield anyway because shields can only be used to negate damage or focus tokens from enemy attacks/effects.

This makes this objective only "good" in extremely aggressive decks with large units where there are ways to remove focus tokens (or damage tokens) from an objective easily (and quickly).

I can see how this would be good in a trooper deck where you could throw down a large number of small units but usually weenie decks take longer to win which is bad with an objective that blows itself up. That is not to say that someone cannot come up with a weenie deck that can win fast.
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You are correct.

Two questions: 1) Since the objective destroys itself does that mean it counts towards a LS victory?


                         2) f you did damage to it before it was destroyed does it count toward the LS victory?

Yes to both.

Thanks for the help Majestaat.

I tried putting this in a "shield piett and heal my objectives" deck including 6 battle for hoths and all it did was piss me off. That Capitol ship is a POS.
Troopers will be receiving more shielding and maybe even more capture. Expect this set to become much better in the future.
Sep 15 2014 02:39 PM

This set is a great economy boost in a rush deck for the DS. Like Majestaat mentioned when trooper decks get a few more buffs this set will come up big.

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