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♦ Executor

Type: Unit
Cost: 6
Force Icons: 3
Icons: 2 2 1 1
Faction: Dark Imperial Navy
Vehicle. Capital Ship. Death Squadron.
Reaction: After this unit enters play, deal 3 damage to a target objective.
“Intensify forward firepower!” -Admiral Piett, Return of the Jedi
Health: 6
Resources Generated:
Block Number: 200 - 2 of 6
Set: The Forest Moon Number: 0979
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
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This card looks insane!

Mar 24 2016 10:22 PM

This is a far more direct way to get damage on LS objectives than the Sith variant. 

Plus it is elite, costs less and has more black icons. 

I'm sorry that this objective set doesn't see more play, even as a 1-of (since it has two unique units).

Oct 11 2018 04:39 PM

Yeah, I remember experimenting with it because of Jamming Protocol, but found there were much better ways of finding 3 objective or unit damage with one unit. The objective set as a whole gains something with Jamming protocol, but the rest is situational at best and bad at worst.

I'm not an expert on aggro Navy but I remember this pod seeing play a bit when it came out in Fortress decks. Fortress decks build themselves and usually have 1-2 slots open for pods of your choice. There's a variety of pods with solid capital ships that fit this criteria (Executor, Devastator, Stalker, Thunderflare). Imperial Blockade is the pod that stuck out above the rest for me though; if you can't use DSSDs then that pod has an extreme amount of concentrated offense in 5 cards. Remember, even Fortress decks need a way to close out games and getting two 2-bomb units to compliment Chimaera in the space of 1 pod is huge. 

7 pips and the limited living resource killed it

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