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Hunters of the Jedi

Hunters of the Jedi

Hunters of the Jedi

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Sith
Reaction: After a Force User or Force Sensitive unit is destroyed, put a Sithspawn card into play from your hand. (Limit once per turn.)
The Jedi are all but extinct, but many of the horrors that hunted them still remain.
Health: 5
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 221 - 1 of 6
Set: Galactic Ambitions Number: 1074
Illustrator: Caroline Gariba
* * * * *   1 Sith Warriors have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 221
Block Stats:
# Units: 4
Total Cost: 12
Average Cost: 2.4
Total Force Icons: 6
Average Force Icons: 1.2
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First, I thought that you need to destroy enemy unit, but it has to be any force unit, so this objective is very good. Nice ability, 4 units in a set and a free non-limited resource.

The resource may be a bit limited in use depending on deck, but that's fair considering the huge potential for ramp up.

Gorc and Pic will be especially useful in that they work as a trigger or effect of the objective's reaction.


I wonder how the objective will affect LS decision-making. Even a cheap Dark Side Apprentice can become a Terentatek or Gorc if he's blocked and destroyed.

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The 2 cost chuds in this set are force sensitive. You don't even need a darkside apprentice in your deck. I really like it

Certainly, this pod has very strong synergy. Just wanted to note that otherwise weak units can become much better with this.

Feb 23 2016 09:35 PM

At the moment we have five potential sets in a deck - 2x This, 2x Gorc + Pic and 1x the Sith Wyrm set - for the Sithspawn. Makes me excited to see what else we might see in the future.


Even if we don't see more Sithspawn stuff for a while, you get 15 SP units from playing those sets alone, which is plenty (and the Wyrms aside, they're all in Deluxes, so no rotation). Fill with the usual good pods like Palp/Vader and you should have a strong deck.

At the moment we have five potential sets in a deck - 2x This, 2x Gorc + Pic and 1x the Sith Wyrm set - for the Sithspawn. Makes me excited to see what else we might see in the future.


Like Majestaat points out, we don't really need a full deck of sith spawn for this and the other Sith spawn sets to be good.  The sith spawn set in endor is really a creature set as well, and there are a handful of creature sets too, but even still just throwing in some really good Sith sets will make the deck more consistent too.  Force chokes and vader force chokes could easily kill off your own force sensitives to drop in free Tarentateks, Tuk'atas, gorks, pics, sith wyrms etc etc  I'd love to choke the last point of damage off my sith apprentice and drop in a 3 black gun 4 health monster.  there is also force lightening and deadly site too but thats not quite as efficient.  I believe a zekka thyne bomb would also allow you to drop in a sith spawn as well, and all out brawl would give all these nasty creatures even more black guns..

Who cares about Sith Spwan, isn't anyone kind of scared for the lightside with 4 Terenteks in a deck? 

Feb 24 2016 04:51 AM

Like almost every set in this game, I really want to run this with All out Brawl. Every unit in this set is super scary with an extra gun. (I seriously have a problem, all my decks run AoB)


Also the art on this objective is super awesome!

I want to play Terentatek with Imperial Functionary for 3 black blasters ignoring shielding and protection. After killing Luke/Yoda/Qu free Terentatek.

The Brothers of the Sith objective is going to be insane with this set.

If anyone is feeling really bold they could play this set with serve the emperor. 3 force sensitives all with one health. You could even force choke the servants of the dark side for free units. 

the 1 health servant of the DS is another good choke target after it strikes for its damage.

Just think of all the shenanigans you could pull off with Killing Cold added in as well. 

Royal Guard Champ doesn't mind dying... over and over.

Apr 29 2016 12:50 PM

Killing Cold doesn't work, because sacrifice does not equal destroy.

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