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Death Mark

Death Mark

Death Mark

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 1
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Condition. Bounty.
Enhance an enemy Character or Droid unit.
Enhanced unit counts as matching all targeting requirements of [Scum and Villainy] event cards.

“If I don’t pay off Jabba the Hutt, I’m a dead man.” -Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back
Resources Generated:
Block Number: 250 - 5 of 6
Set: Scrap Metal Number: 2013
Illustrator: Christopher Burdett
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Dec 27 2016 10:19 PM

Can I use Shadows of the Empire to shuffle an unit with attached Death Mark at the bottom of the opponants command deck?

Can I use Shadows of the Empire to shuffle an unit with attached Death Mark at the bottom of the opponants command deck?

No. Quick rule of thumb is that targeting restrictions are adjectives, the noun part stays (otherwise you have a nonsensical sentence). So for Shadows, the restriction is the "enemy" and not "objective."
Feb 03 2017 03:59 PM
Apr 23 2017 02:25 PM

What about Explosive Charge? Can I discard a unit?

No. In response to a question about Utinni!, the game's designer said "Enhancement" doesn't count as a targeting requirement. So events still have to target a card in the same category (unit, objective, or enhancement).

However, Death Mark does get rid of adjectives that modify the category. For example, it would remove the requirement "committed to the Force" from Springing the Ambush, allowing the event to capture uncommitted units.

It also allows A Better Offer to send an enemy unit to hand, Warning Shot to work on characters or droids, Hutt's Hospitality to work on a unit that costs more than two, and Threat Removal to work on a target with enhancements. In addition, it would let He Doesn't Like You target a droid and allow Rise of the Black Sun to be played on enemy units (perhaps so you lose a Force struggle to trigger Hunter for Hire or to force an enemy unit to strike a second time and destroy Zekka).

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