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Keyan Farlander

Keyan Farlander

♦ Keyan Farlander

Type: Unit
Cost: 3
Force Icons: 2
Icons: 2 1
Faction: Light Jedi
Character. Force User. Pilot.
Pilot (2). (While enhanced unit is participating in an engagement and ready, this card gains: “Action: Focus this enhancement to have enhanced unit strike immediately.”)
One of the few survivors of the battles of Yavin, Hoth and Endor, Farlander was one of the Alliance’s top pilots.
Health: 2
Resources Generated:
Block Number: 156 - 2 of 6
Set: Attack Run Number: 0768
Illustrator: Ryan Valle
* * * * -   1 Jedi Knights have rated this card!
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Does this mean even before an edge battle or...?
Correct, a unit is considered participating in an engagement as soon as it's declared as a defender or attacker, however, if you choose to strike before the edge, only the units black combat icons would be active for the strike, so his ability is very good on anything with lots of black icons. Home one, rogue 3, blue nine, and others are great targets for him.

oh ya, that's what I thought and this is sweet. I won a game the other day, w/ Blue 9 only have 1 health left but being able to focus Farlander enabled me to strike w/ 9 before he would have died...boom!

Does the Unit also get focused if you use farlanders ability?

of course.  anytime a unit strikes, short of an ability that breaks the rules, it gets focused, 

so moldy crow wouldn't work cause of the white blast.

so moldy crow wouldn't work cause of the white blast.

That's right. You could focus Keyan to strike before the edge, but you wouldn't be dealing any damage with Moldy Crow.

Aug 23 2015 12:04 PM

so moldy crow wouldn't work cause of the white blast.

It depends. There is an action window after edge resolves, so you could wait to see if you win edge and then use the ability.

I could imagine having some fun by focusing Keyan Farlander to strike with Blue Nine before edge, then use Blue Nine's reaction to remove the focus token from Keyan, and then use Reassignment or any other event, enhancement, or objective ability that lets you reassign pilots in order to strike again - all before edge begins!

By the way, am I correct that Keyan's ability only resolves if the enhanced unit is ready (don't see how this wouldn't be the case)?  Or could this ability get around having an exhausted unit?

You're correct. A unit can't strike if it's exhausted, so Keyan can't use his ability unless the vehicle he's piloting is ready.

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