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Antinnis Tremayne

Antinnis Tremayne

♦ Antinnis Tremayne

Type: Unit
Cost: 4
Force Icons: 3
Icons: 1 1 1
Faction: Dark Sith
Character. Force User. Inquisitor.
Reaction: After this unit is declared as an attacker or defender, discard 1 or 2 cards at random from your opponent’s hand. Then, he draws that many cards.
An eager convert to the Emperor’s New Order, Tremayne took great pride in hunting down threats to the Empire.
Health: 3
Block Number: 153 - 2 of 6
Set: Evasive Maneuvers Number: 0755
Illustrator: Andrew Cefalu
* * * - -   2 Sith Warriors have rated this card!
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I'm glad they finally made a card for the High Inquisitor ! However i'm not totally sure yet how to use it efficiently.

Yeah, I don't know about this set yet. Got a couple of ideas but I'm not sure it has enough synergy with other sets yet.
Jun 04 2015 02:33 PM

Without His Beard strikes again!

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Had a somehow nice shot with him + slave trade + tatooine capture engine. It seems odd but the fact that you can use the slaver to give back a card that will be discarded afterwards can be useful if you captured good cards for edge battles. I also made the combo with citadel, use action window with slaver to give back just before the force phase then make him discard it. However at a cost of 3 i'm not sure I will play the citadel often.

I really like Put to the Question, as it stops more than just events, but the double Enforcers make it tough for me to figure out a home for this set. I'd like the set more if it included an enhancement for characters to make Put to the Question more valuable. 


I'll take an Elite 3-pip dude with black tactics and discard, though. 

I too would have likes a character enhancement in this set to use put to the question more often. Something like inquisitor training that make opponent place the first edge card face up could have fit in the theme of them gaining info about their opponents. Perhaps we will have a super sith pod with 2 enhancements in the next pack, who knows ?

I hate the inclusion of two Imperial Enforcers in this pod; they seemed to be out of place here. I wish they'd replace them with Interrogation Droids or other cards that can help the objective with the discard theme. And the Citadel is overpriced for what it does.

Yeah, there is really no reason this set doesn't have a unit enhancement so the cancel could actually work with the set. They easily could have made his light saber, cybernetic eye, or whatever other enhancement they wanted and then just price the citadel inquisitorius at 2 instead of 3, maybe just make it a once per turn thing with no focus required.

I like the Enforcers themselves and units like them on the DS, but they seem misplaced here. That said, perhaps this is better viewed as a more aggressive set. The Citadel seems to be designed to discard the LS' edge hand during their Force phase, before you go on the offensive, and the Enforcers give you a way to reliably ping for damage without having to send in a main. 

Maybe this set could somehow fit into a trooper build since the 2 chuds are troopers?  Just a thought.

Not a bad idea. Troopers could use a way to get help in edge, and discarding opposing cards might be a good place to start. These guys come with blast, which is another usual trooper weakness. It's also worth noting that the 1-cost shielding chud in Cruel Interrogations is also a trooper. 


Troopers don't usually pack a lot of unit enhancements, though, so the event might not be so great there. 

I don't see this set as a good trooper set, because short of 2 average troopers there just is no other synergy at all between the archetypes. I don't think this set will have a good home for a while yet. More discard effects or positive DS enhancements are needed for it to shine IMO.

And there in lies the issue to the pod system. You need internal synergy, but if you have to jump through hoops to get a mediocre effect out of the deal. It's what most of the scum sets fall victim to.

What I dislike about the pod system is that the rules that govern what cards should be included in the pod seemed to be arbitrary. There are pods like The Survivors that seemed to be well-designed, with most of the cards in the pod revolved around the theme of protection (with the exception of Sulon Sympathizer, which appears to be thrown in as if the designers couldn't think of anything else). But in this pod, we get two Troopers cards that have no synergy with the other cards, and the problem is magnified because with the exception of Antinnis, the rest of the pod are mostly mediocre. I wish they'd spend a bit more time thinking about this pod, because I doubt even they would want to include it in their own Sith deck. 

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They really dropped the ball with the troopers (with blast damage!). Why not go all in for a discard-themed pod / control deck with this. Very strange and disappointing, because I like what they did with some of the stuff in this pod.

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