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Citadel Inquisitorious

Citadel Inquisitorious

♦ Citadel Inquisitorious

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 3
Force Icons: 2
Faction: Dark Sith
Prakith. Location.
Enhance your play area.
Action: During the Force phase, focus this enhancement to discard 1 card at random from an opponent’s hand.
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 153 - 5 of 6
Set: Evasive Maneuvers Number: 0757
Illustrator: Richard Wright
* - - - -   1 Sith Warriors have rated this card!
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I could see this card getting more play if The Questioning is out. The card is probably overcosted as just a tool to reduce the opponent's edge hand going into your turn, but with The Questioning it could also allow you to open up 2-resource objectives every turn and might even pay off its steep upfront cost over the course of a game. 

Problem with the citadel is that almost every time you'll have better use of 3 ressources. I'd rather play an additional interrogation droid, for exemple. You cant survive without units in play.

I see better use lategame to make the final blow, when you have sufficiant ressources out to play it and not preventing yourself from playing additional units.

Anyway i'm not giving up on this set as I really wish to play it efficiently.

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I think part of the problem is that if you put 2x The Questioning and 2x Cruel Interrogations, you only have 6 pods left to fill out your deck (fyi I only play with 10 pods) and these two pods are only good for support, but not as mainstay of your deck. Sith needs better pods to support and enhance the discard aspect of their faction, but unlike capture for Scum they have received rather mediocre sets so far. 

I haven't had a chance to play around with these yet, but I am planning to run 2x Questioning 2x Cruel with Vader, Palp and Counsel to get a feel for whether the discard theme is something a deck can be built around. My early sense is that the set will make a good 1-of add to a toolbox deck, as Antinnis is a decent main--much better than Sariss, whose set is also often a 1-of for its other cards. I'd like to put 2 in for PttQ, but I don't think that will end up being viable. 

I've played a handful of games with that exact deck. It's garbage. I like antinnis a lot but the rest sucks.

I've played some games with this set.  Didn't use the exact build as above, but something similar.  I want to like this card, but the cost and, even worse, the restriction of only being able to use it during the force phase are real detriments.  Either it should have been cheaper to play in the first place or the action should have been allowed at any time.  Either of those would have helped. The fact it's unique doesn't help either.


I completely agree with Boba about Antinnis.  He's really good.  The chuds aren't so-so, but this card and the event are really just not up to par and DS can't afford to play sets with below average cards right now.

So, has anyone tried combining this with Maw of Madness yet? Looks like there could be a good Dark Side discard deck.

So, has anyone tried combining this with Maw of Madness yet? Looks like there could be a good Dark Side discard deck.


3 cost, focus to use, AND only usable during force phase makes this card way bad.   Its such a huge tempo hit that it is almost never worth playing and when it is, its because your so far ahead  that its just a "win more" card.  terrible card...

This card?  Probably still not worth it.  This set?  Intriguing, but probably still not a great choice.

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