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Put to the Question

Put to the Question

Put to the Question

Type: Event
Cost: 0
Force Icons: 1
Faction: Dark Sith
Interrupt: When an enhancement you control or a unit you control with 1 or more enhancements on it is targeted by an effect, cancel that effect.
Block Number: 153 - 6 of 6
Set: Evasive Maneuvers Number: 0758
Illustrator: Claudio Pozas
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It's a shame Put to the Question seems to be less useful in practice than it appeared in theory. It seems like exactly the type of card DS needed, but the fact that it requires enhanced units and doesn't stop events that don't target your units makes it too situational, just like many of the DS "answers" we've been seeing since Echoes. 

But it stops effects not just events eg jedi leia, seeds of decay and heat of battle are even cancelled by this card. That's why the restriction is on it. But there are just not enough enhancements in any darkside deck except for ties at the moment to make this great.

This is true, but I don't see why enhanced units was the condition given the very small number of viable unit enhancements available to non-fighter DS decks. I do like the idea of running this with TIEs, as the troopers would fit with the more aggressive approach of those decks. 


IMO this card would be leagues more playable if the condition was "a unit committed to the Force" rather than "a unit with 1 or more enhancements on it." Or, if you want to make that the condition, put a unit enhancement in the set! grumble grumble

There is no reason to put this pod in a TIE-heavy deck, since it doesn't have any synergy with vehicles nor pilots. Furthermore, Navy TIE decks aren't very viable in the tournaments as they lack powerful pods that can make them competitive, and adding this pod will just exasperate their already poor position in the meta. 

I don't see the set fitting thematically with Tie decks, but I like the idea of using Antinnis Tremayne and the objective to refresh Black Squadron Assault or Black Squadron Formation. If it wasn't so expensive, the enhancement could help Ties win edge battles on the Dark Side's turn, which is good for more aggressive Tie decks. The end result might not be the most competitive deck in existence, but it could be fun.

Thematically, no, but the event works on any TIE with a pilot, and the Troopers' black blast fit the aggressive playstyle of fighters. 

But you have to remove a fighter set that will be more suited to the tie decks.


Right now I feel it might take the place of a Sariss pod. Tremayne is better than Sariss but I miss the seeds of decay and dark temple. 

Put to the question can save vader or mara with a lightsaber. 

No way does this set replace Sariss. While atinnis is better than sariss, EVERY other card in sariss' set is leagues better than this set and it does so much more. Sariss's set had really become a near auto include in all my sith decks at this point.

Hard to replace a set with a Force land, removal spell and Seeds, regardless of how mediocre the Main and chud are.

I know but I want to play a different sith deck :'(

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