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The Hunt for Han Solo

The Hunt for Han Solo

The Hunt for Han Solo

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Scum and Villainy
Reaction: After you capture a unit card at this objective, reveal it to remove 1 focus token from target [Scum and Villainy] card. If that card was Han Solo, increase the Death Star dial by 1.
Health: 5
Block Number: 52 - 1 of 6
Set: A Dark Time Number: 0247
Illustrator: Mike Nash
* * * * -   5 Bounty Hunting Scum have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 52
Block Stats:
# Units: 3
Total Cost: 11
Average Cost: 2.2
Total Force Icons: 5
Average Force Icons: 1
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Great set! Z95 are amazing. And Cloud City Incinerator combines with Boba Fett (that card can't be rescured).
FAQ 1.2:
(1.3) Duration of “Reveal”
Whenever cards are revealed, they remain revealed until they arrive at their final destination as specified by the effect that caused the card to be revealed.

Does this mean that the card captured at this objective stays revealed until rescued?
Nope. Its final destination is to be captured at The Hunt. Facedown.
I am not that sure: "After you capture a unit card at this objective, reveal it..." You reveal it, after it is captured.
However: "... reveal it to remove 1 focus token ...", could this mean that removal of the focus is considered as its final destination?
Ahhh.. See, that's when a little SWLCG-ese comes in to play. The Hunts reaction is triggered by the capture of a card at that location, which typically is captured facedown. The reaction has a cost associated with it: to reveal the captured card. Thebenefit for paying the cost is to remove a focus token. Then, the ori ginaltriggering condition (capturing a card) resolves as normal.. Facedown.
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Nov 01 2016 12:24 AM

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