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Shadows on the Ice

Shadows on the Ice

Shadows on the Ice

Type: Objective
Faction: Dark Neutral
Limit 1 per objective deck.
"Hey, steady girl. What's the matter? You small something?"
-Luke Skywalker, The Empire Strikes Back

Health: 5
Resources Generated: 2
Block Number: 42 - 1 of 6
Set: The Desolation of Hoth Number: 0199
Illustrator: Justin Adams
* * * - -   4 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 42
Block Stats:
# Units: 2
Total Cost: 6
Average Cost: 1.2
Total Force Icons: 7
Average Force Icons: 1.4
Recent Decks Using This Card:


How can you look at the card and tell it is Dark Neutral?
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How can you look at the card and tell it is Dark Neutral?

The back of the card has the red Dark Side back on it.
Thank you, I never even looked at the backs...ha-ha
This is a strong Objective Set as Wampas are tough to kill and hit hard. Also, Succumb to the Cold can be huge at the right moment!
May 20 2013 09:37 PM
Succumb would be great for Luke! Or anyone with a "trust your feelings" card.
Jun 01 2013 10:11 PM
Anyone else notice the typo in the flavor text?
Yes, just about to mention that myself!

The typo is not present in the actual card tho'. Just on the site > >.

Do most people by a second The Desolation of Hoth pack so they can have two of this pod?  I know it's one-per but I'm not sure whether it's the sort of thing where you might want to build two separate decks with this pod included.

Doubt it. Even if somebody wanted to use it in different decks, they'd likely just swap it back and forth instead of doing the extra investment, which honestly isn't worth it.


I use it in my walker builds. Other than that, I guess there are the Killing Cold decks, but it's still pretty limited in use.

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