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First Marker

First Marker

First Marker

Type: Enhancement
Cost: 0
Force Icons: 1
Faction: Light Neutral
Upgrade. Hoth.
Enhance a Hoth objective.
Enhanced objective cannot be damaged by Vehicle units.
Block Number: 43 - 6 of 6
Set: The Search For Skywalker Number: 207
* * * - -   4 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
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So I think this card just got a bit better with the release of Battle of Hoth. Can someone please correct me if I am wrong. This cards says it prevents vehicles from damaging the objective that it is enhancing. Does this mean that the AT-AT Assault Formation is unable to damage the enhanced objective using its reaction ability?
Sep 10 2013 10:11 PM
I'm pretty sure that First Marker only stops damage that comes from combat icons and not damage that comes from reactions or interrupts.
I belive that any damage that comes from a vehicle sorce can't damage the enhanced objective.
It is not limited to one source of damage such as combat icons. It cannot be damaged at all by any vehicles. Cannot is an absolute.
I think what they were talking about is whether the word "damaged" is limited to UNIT damage icons. I would guess that it is NOT limited, since as Toq says "cannot" absolutely defines the limitation of damage. There have been other cards though, that include "card effects" in the printing, such as Shelter from the Storm, in which BOTH "damage" and "enemy card effects" are limited with the "cannot" term. I would think that the AT-AT Assault Formation is an enemy card effect that RESULTS in damage. So..... now I am not so sure.
I will just post a rules question about it.
As Toqtamish says.

The enhanced objective cannot be damage by Vehicle Unit

AT Formation is a Vehicle, therefore it cannot damage the enhanced objective whatever way it tries to.

It would have been "cannot be damage by Vehicle unit's blast icons", would have been différent

Though you don't blast the objective with your icon and you don't damage it with AT's reaction, you can get the unnoposed bonus, as the source of the damage is not the card but a framework effet.
Nice point on that unopposed.

Would the Pilot Vader acting as a pilot overrule this enhancement?

Pilot Vader does not overrule this enhancement. The enhancements ability is always on and thus does not get initiated.

Nov 01 2016 12:58 AM

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