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Preparation for Battle

Preparation for Battle

Preparation for Battle

Type: Objective
Faction: Light Neutral
Your shielded units cannot be damaged while the Death Star dial is 4 or lower.
Your shielded units gain [Blast Damage] while the Death Star dial is 8 or higher.
Health: 5
Resources Generated: 1
Block Number: 45 - 1 of 6
Set: The Search For Skywalker Number: 213
Illustrator: Ralph McQuarrie
* * * * *   5 Galactic Citizens have rated this card!
Other Cards in Block 45
Block Stats:
# Units: 4
Total Cost: 7
Average Cost: 1.4
Total Force Icons: 8
Average Force Icons: 1.6
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How do I resolve the first part of the objective text?

Let's say I have a shielded unit with 2 dmg capacity.
This unit is going to be damaged in engagement with 2 dmg.

How will this unit stay after the strikes?
1. as before, 2 dmg capacity and a shield
2. 2 dmg capacity but shield is removed
3. 1 dmg and no shield (cant, happen - this would contradict the objective text :)

If dial is 4 or lower both shield and damage capacity remain intact. Remember that removing shield token is optional.
Does this mean this card prevents damage through an event card like force choke? And what's with force lightning? The German version says it destroys an exhausted unit. I guess a unit with shield (DS dial under 4) will be immune to a force choke but not to a force lightning. Am I right or not?
The important keyword here is 'cannot be damaged'. Force choke would damage the card, so that one is cancelled. Force Lightning destroys a card which is not covered by the objective's effect.
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Thank you very much. :) I'm glad my interpretation is correct.
Jun 28 2016 05:06 PM

If I have a shielded unit with Protect, can it use its Protect to essentially nullify damage dealt to another unit, while the DSD is 4 or lower and this objective is on the table? End result is that no damage is dealt to any unit. Have I got this right?

A shielded unit in that case cannot be damaged so it is not able to use the Protect ability.


I believe the logic is that damage cannot be assigned to the unit at all, so redirection is likewise prevented.



Oct 28 2016 04:17 PM

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