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Benny Hill

Rebel Alliance Jedi Experimental

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    In an attempt to test how many 1x objectives can work in a deck, here we go. The aim of this deck (apparent or otherwise) is to take the force, then benefit. It might have too many tools which are considered situational, but this is a fairly situational game. Oh, there are 81 force icons in the deck, too. ;)
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    Feb 21 2014 01:03 PM
    Looks fun I really enjoy using Embers of Hope.

    I would maybe swap Vlue squadron Support for Akbar, he had a big ol resource, which can let you shield the moisture farmers for more tatooine protection plus dropping him in on defense to tactics out attackers can be great.
    Feb 21 2014 04:28 PM
    My first game with this deck was very successful. It won with the dial at 6. I made a play mistake which cost me at least one click. My flop was Self Preservation, Embers, and In You Must Go, so..the optimal. I'll tell ya, Self Preservation plus free moisture farmers is a good way to take the Force. I only got the damage benefit of having the Force for 1 turn, but the DS never got the extra click, ever.

    Rapid Fire was an early all star when paired with Heat of Battle. The B-wings didn't show up until they weren't needed.

    I'll keep Draw their Fire in mind. Resource management might allow for it, and Ackbar can be pretty well disguised.
    Looks like a deck that would thrive on multiplayer format... Knwoledge and Defense is also worth considering here.
    Feb 26 2014 10:18 PM
    Deck is still working, guys n' gals.
    After some more experience, here are some thoughts.
    Two copies of Supporting Fire are pretty darn good for those iffy edge battles which occur so frequently.(I do not recommend using both copies in one conflict) It's even better since there's also a copy of Twist in the deck. Wolfman is also helpful on the edge side.
    Force Struggles are still more about clock control than reliable damage, but that clock control can translate into more reliable damage as the DS is forced to commit to the Force.
    The deck still flows fairly well and really tries to maximize on great short term decisions to maintain fluidity. Bad draws can still occur, but it's generally possible to empty out a bad hand.
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    Mar 03 2014 02:42 PM
    After fooling around with this deck for a bit it has made me really like Embers of Hope. I've been splashing it in all kinds of decks. I have somehow overlooked this pod for a long time.

    Secret guardian is amazing:

    Chewy can blow up attackers.
    Cloud city operative can wreck some havoc, and then get played again.
    Saboteur can kill a nasty sith holocron (or DS resource).
    You can even secret guardian in the Rebel Han solo to trigger a free search when he comes back to your hand!
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