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Rebel Alliance

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Winter Control

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance
No this is not an AGOT deck, lol. ----- FATMUSICGUY

Leia Direct Damage Control

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance
Leia knows a how to work a heavy blaster emblacement if you know what I mean. ----- FATMUSICGUY

Tricky Rebels

  Rebel Alliance, Combo, Fun
Leia, Han, and Winter lead a group of tricky rebels who won't be pinned down. ----- ohbee86

Dash versus The Death Star

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Dash versus The Death Star ----- Ristel

Trench Runner

  Rebel Alliance
Ever since I first bought the Core Set, my goal has been to make a deck that can blow up the Death Star, but it seems that I can't improve on a design that is, quite frankly, kind of old. Any thoughts? ----- golconda2

Rebel Sacrifice

  Rebel Alliance
**--- bigfomlof

Leia & Luke Deck

  Rebel Alliance, Fun
Jedi, Rebel, and Neutral power ----- Frodo13

Rebel Flip

  Aggro, Rebel Alliance
----- deathinc

Adaptive Strategy

  Rebel Alliance
a speeder deck with commando operations and hit and run to try to utilize target of opportunities to their full potential. ----- chunkygorillas

Wookie Commandos

  Rebel Alliance
Lots of fate cards with commando tricks ----- Cosmid

Defense of Hoth

  Rebel Alliance, Combo and 1 more...
"I fell like I can take on the whole Empire myself!" ***-- yankeefan1355


  Rebel Alliance, Aggro
The fury of the Rebel Alliance. ----- 0Zidane0


  Rebel Alliance
moje pierwsza talia rebeli ----- ArcusCalka

Rebel Bouncehouse

  Rebel Alliance
Jan Ors/ Hoodie Han Shenanigans ----- CataractCowboy

H&L Testing

  Jedi, Rebel Alliance
Yoda controls the force while Kyle and Luke bounce around with their wookie co-pilot. Get the most of of Jan's objective and keep the board clear. ----- KennedyHawk

The Last Stand

  Rebel Alliance, Aggro
----- Kordos

Starfighter rush

  Rebel Alliance, Aggro
a deck loaded with starfighters, with support from Leia and the Alderaan pod. ----- chunkygorillas

Benny Hill

  Rebel Alliance, Jedi and 1 more...
----- Ironswimsuit

Force Shields

  Rebel Alliance, Jedi
Shielding units and lots of shield bearing events enhancements. ----- KennedyHawk

Sleuth scouts running the trench

  Rebel Alliance
----- brownavenger


  Rebel Alliance
----- The0

Imperial Entanglements

  Rebel Alliance, Combo
Snowspeeders! ----- mstrblstr

Falcon Punch

  Rebel Alliance and 1 more...
Use the falcon and a tactics resource heavy set of units to control the board, punch the opposing objectives with the Falcon, Han and Chewy.
----- KennedyHawk

Goofy Rebels

  Rebel Alliance, Experimental, 2v2
2v2 Rebel support deck. ----- Ironswimsuit

The New Republic

  Rebel Alliance, Combo, Theme
I have played a few rounds with this deck and have seen some awesome mechanics and combos. ----- swtke

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