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Falcon Punch

Rebel Alliance Smugglers and Spies

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    Hopefully you get a turn one falcon with either a resource or Lobot/Mon Mothma/Bail Organa to in.

    Lots of tricks to move tactics tokens, the big decks it's had problems with is vehicle heavy Empire decks.

    I'm considering ping 1 x Mon Mothma for 1 x Ackbar just for the 5/2 and the double tactics but haven't tried it yet. Also considering ping Lobot for another Han but Lobot has saved me so many games by cancelling edge battles.

    The best opening objectives are:

    2 x Asteroid Santcuary or Mon Mothma
    1 x Defense for Cloud City

    Allows a turn one Falcon and tons of card draw (edge battles or opponents turn begins). Undercover dealings also gives you a great way to use a small amount of units very efficiently. Plus narrow escaping a super-lase blast or the AT-AT enhancement destruction can be really fun.

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    If you are looking for a pod with good tactics support to swap for one of the Mothma pods also consider the Rebel Han pod. There are two units in that pod that have tactics icons. Han himself you don't want blocking the way for the "real" Han, but he's still a solid unit and you can sacrifice him or get him killed in order to fish through your deck for another rebel card you want more when you need to. The Battle of Hoth is completely wasted in that build, at least for healing your own cards, but its still 3 edge and maybe you can do a damage to an enemy objective.
    I'm struggle to understand what you mean by Lobot cancelling an edge battle. Doesn't he do the opposite? making it really important. I mean if you win the edge battle he can flat out prevent cards like Devastator or Palpatine using all their icons which is great, but he doesn't cancel it.

    I like Lobot and I love the Security Control Centre. I want the wing troopers to be good but at 3 cost for 1hp they really aren't even though they work great with sleuths and possibly the new Arcona, they are just too fragile for the cost. Maybe if the Security Control Centre also gave resources. This is one of those love to fit in objectives that often doesn't cut it for "competitive" play, but can be fun for friendly play. It's also one of those objectives that is immediately more useful in 2v2 though.

    That said you are only running 1 which seems about right as the only must see card in the whole pod is Security Control Centre for me, and obviously protection is really nice but fate cards are fate cards so it doesn't matter too much which ones they are and where you get them from.
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