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Rebel Sacrifice

Rebel Alliance

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    Jul 12 2014 06:19 PM

    I love the possibility of using Adaptive Strategy in conjunction with the Secret Informant. 


    Have you thought about using the pod Undercover Dealings? The Shadow Operatives action ability works great when you have Forward Reconnaissance in play. They would also give you a cheap unit to return to your hand as part of Jan Ors ability. Then too, Narrow Escape and Tactical retreat are always useful. Though you'd probably want to change your affiliation to Spies and Smugglers if you did use this pod in the deck.

    Thanks for your thoughts--I like the ideas but wanted to make a pure Rebel deck. I just made a quick change to the deck. -1 alderaan & -1 Forward for 2 evacuation procedure pods. What do you think?

    Sounds good. Rebel Han works great with Infiltration. You get some resources, units with tactics and a Battle of Hoth, excellent for the edge. The objective can give you some last minute resources to play Infiltration or You're My Only Hope in a pinch.


    Draw their Fire could work as well. Ackbar + Infiltration is neat, the enhancement might not be the best to expand your economy but is constant shielding. X-Wing is quite good for its cost, but the other two cards are quite niche and might more often than not be dead. Oh, and the objective provides no utility, although it is 2 resources.

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