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Starfighter rush

Rebel Alliance Aggro

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    S find this deck to be quite strong against Sith decks because even if the lock down some of my guys, on my next turn I am usually able to get 2-3 more small units out to keep attacking. The alderaan artist and Bail can also be really good for taking the force and slowing the DS down. This deck's weakness is that if they are playing aggressive navy it can be very hard to defend them, so you end up just racing them to see if you can blow up objectives faster than them. I used to run this deck with Hoth operations but I replaced it B-wings and Alderaan's promise but I found the B-wings w=too be much better than the speeders on Hoth operations and Alderaan's pod in my opinion is one of the best rebel pods.
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    Mar 19 2014 10:41 PM
    I hear that Mobilize the Squadrons and Draw their fire have something to do with star fighters!

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