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Trench Runner

Rebel Alliance

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    Don't play Trench Run until you're ready to go after the Death Star. With the right setup, one of your Sleuth Scouts could do as much as 5 Blast Damage, or a Blockade Runner can do as many as 6 when attacking alone. (Across the Anoat Sector & Raise the Stakes with an Astromech Droid Upgrade on the ship.)
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    Thing with Trench Run is... if you can deal that much damage to the Death Star, you can probably deal even more damage to objectives.

    I like the card and used it for the longest time, but it's just not very good since you'll be losing on a lot of unopposed damage.

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    Sleuths are also not a great combination with Trench Run.  Let's say you have two Sleuths out and your enemy only has a 3 cost blocker.  Against objectives, you can do two unopposed attacks for a total of 4 damage against 2 objectives (more if you have Across the Anoat or Raise the Stakes).   Against a Trench Run, you can only do 2 damage and have a Sleuth waiting around pointlessly.  

    Jul 23 2014 03:37 AM

    If only one could use the Crow in the Trench Run now that would be fun!.... ahhh to dream..... :rolleyes:

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    If only one could use the Crow in the Trench Run now that would be fun!.... ahhh to dream..... :rolleyes:


    A B-Wing/Blue Leader with Wedge on it would make a fantastic trench runner.  In Rebel faction too :P

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    Jul 23 2014 02:31 PM

    Don't forget the Astro Droid too! Wedge, double striking Trench Run with some extra firepower.  I may have to build a Trench Run Deck again just for fun.  Maybe with the new Green Wing Support objective.  Make an all out Rebel Assault vehicle deck with Home One, Liberty, Yavin, Mobilize the Squadron, Blue Squad Support, and Alderaan's Promise or maybe add some Vehicle Protection with Prep for Evacuation.

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    I'm tempted to build a Trench Run deck now just to take people by surprise. 

    Jul 25 2014 03:31 AM

    The New Rebel Fleet  :ph34r:


    2x  Defense of Yavin 4

    2x  Mobilize the Squadrons

    2x  The Rebel Fleet

    2x  Green Squadron Deployment

    1x  Blue Squadron Support

    1x  Alderaan's Promise


    Trench Run, Capital Ships, or Fighter.... so many choices.... so many resources

    Trench runs great. I usually mulligan to try and get it first up.

    Aug 02 2014 02:43 PM

    Yeah, Trench Run is definitely a first turn play otherwise you've usually inflicted enough damage on DS objectives that you don't need to play it.  Honestly, I think the only reason it's in the game is because it's so iconic and to appeal to players when SWLCG was first released.  I mean whose eyes don't just lite up when they see that card I think.... that's so cool! B)

    its definitely there for the reason Yankeefan mentioned above, the deck otherwise its not bad but with this objective becomes really inconsistent due to the fact you have to drop it early in game.

    Aug 03 2014 01:56 PM

    I ended up taking out Mobilize the Squadrons from my New Rebel Fleet deck and replacing it with Fleeing the Empire and didn't miss anything except Rebel Assault and the objective ability itself.  When I did draw Trench Run on turn one, I had so many better options that, as usual, it made it's way into an edge battle and adding two Twists never hurts.  Prep for Evac worked well too with vehicle protection instead of Mobilize and you lose the affiliation restriction.


    However, when I'm casually playing SW and I draw TR on the first turn I'm playing that for sure just for fun.

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