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Strike the Target

Sith Imperial Navy

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    A deck focusing on targeted strike that looks to clear the board

    Talon roll, Rage, Death from above help the pieces on the board maximise their control and destruction.

    All in all has played well and welcome comments
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    A bit tight on resources, but otherwise pretty good. If economy ever becomes an issue, maybe swap Recon Mission for Imperial Command.

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    Imperial Command also has Motti, who can remove that extra focus token from Reserve Troopers in case you don't have the Dark Trooper objective out. 

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    That's certainly been in the rotation. Apart from the resources and focus removal, he is great at sitting on the force and helping with Rage


    It is a marginal call on the defense protocol, but perhaps it will work. I think oddly veers might go for Piett next set, although it will depend on how much the extra blaster helps.

    Have you by chance played against any Gamor / Jedi or Mono Jedi decks with success? This looks interesting but seems like the only viable "Force Holders" would be Mara, Moch and of course by default the Squish Troopers. Also i've found that not popping Dark Tropper Project hurts the deck significantly.


    ... Also besides the given hand size increase, why Generals Imperative? Extra pistol?

    Jul 25 2014 01:36 PM

    I built something similar to this deck and it's  meh... most good players running Jedi Gamor or Mono Jedi will lock you down and keep the force to boot.  Genera's Imperative is there for Veers.  His objective sucks because it is cursed by "while undamaged" but his extra blaster helps a little.  And you are correct about DTP it's the key to any Navy deck right now and a must have.  When I'm LS player it's usually the first objective I go after.

    Veers does a couple of things that are a bit underrated. But primarily he gives a pistol to the reserve troopers, giving them 3 guns. That is the sweet spot for removing troubling characters if Defense protocol does not pop.


    The two throw away blizzards can soak up a couple of points on defense, or ideally keep mara and troopers tactics free to strike, since as we know we arent winning edge battles with this deck.


    So far Motti for Recon has been a bit better.


    But I wouldn't rate this deck a dominant deck. Fun and interesting and great on the right draws, but it does have it's troubles. It needs DTP like no other

    Jul 27 2014 02:32 PM

    Yeah, that's why I ended up putting this deck back on the shelf with the rest of the Navy.  It's a fun deck when it's hitting right and it's satisfying to target strike one shot Yoda, Luke, Obi, but it's very dependent on a lot of objectives and units working together.  You need DTP.  You really need Veers to boost your troopers and walkers.  It's hard to compete vs Jedi Force Lock and Sith / Scum offer better choices.  :ph34r:

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