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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Hunt Them Down

  Sith, Aggro, Theme
With the Dark Trooper project in its second phase, General Mohc and the inquisitor Jarec are poised to wipe out the last of the Jedi. ----- ohbee86

Imperial Navy/Sith

  Sith, Imperial Navy, Experimental
----- ericdb92

Strike the Target

  Sith, Imperial Navy
Board control rush ----- Anta

Regional 2014 Dark

  Sith, Control, Tournament Quality
Damage, damage, and damage! Oh, and some damage. ----- Saej

Sith executor

Sith deck that will overwhelm the opponent ----- aviectus

Fall of the Jedi

  Sith, Aggro
----- edward500

Sith Force Control

  Sith, Control
----- JKoellner

[DS] first Sith deck

  Sith, Control, Experimental
----- pastor

Capture and Discard

  Sith, Control, Scum and Villainy
----- droopymccool49

new green and red deck

Units low healts ----- Sertor


  Imperial Navy, Sith, Experimental
----- kilbil

Struggling Scum

  Sith, Scum and Villainy, Control
Win force, capture and kill value targets while creeping to victory.

Finally found a Scum deck that I found playable. This is an attempt to iterate on it.

Had some resource issues before the last pack (ran 2x Palp instead of Sariss and 1x Greedo instead of Slaver, but seems to be much more stable now for both resources and force struggles, while slightly lighter on removal.)
----- Laxen

Sith Force Control

  Sith, Control, Experimental
----- dbmeboy

Commit to the Dark side

  Sith, Experimental
Keep to the dark side. ----- Ay3z1k

Those are the droids we're looking for

  Sith, Control, Experimental and 1 more...
Basically defend, defend, and defend some more, until you can the executor, then just simply sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice! It looks silly on paper, but it's really janky and combotastic ----- Sephibaby

First Turn Executor

Executor on first turn. Plow over enemy with powerful star destroyers at cheap cost. **--- houtenbal

The Defense of Coruscant

  Sith, Imperial Navy, Combo, Theme
A Sith deck that focuses on holding the Force and defending, while on Coruscant. ----- CarsonFlintlock

First Sith

----- Heageth

Imperial Troopers

  Imperial Navy, Sith, Combo
----- jb1993

Sith Control

  Sith, Control
I am trying my hand at deck building, so I would like some input. This is, as best I can tell, a control heavy deck. ----- jeffthemagicgoat

Jerec Jawa

  Scum and Villainy, Sith, Control
Freeholders got you down? Speeders got you in a pinch? ----- Magni

Trooper Duper

  Sith, Theme
Don't need to be precise when you have this many Imperial Stormtroopers. ----- starhawk77


  Imperial Navy, Sith
----- Antrillies

Sith Reset/Cancels

  Sith, Experimental
----- Tarjan

Winfield Scott

  Sith, Control, Experimental
----- Ironswimsuit

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