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Smugglers and Spies

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Battle of Endor - ROTJ - Part 2

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies, Fun
"Don't get Jittery Luke !" ----- GhostMonkey

Fight for Cloud City - TESB - Part 1

  Smugglers and Spies, Fun, Theme
The are back again , this time to save cloud city from the evil empire ! ----- GhostMonkey

The defense of Hoth

  Smugglers and Spies
Episode 5 ----- FATMUSICGUY


  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies


  Rebel Alliance and 1 more...
----- Bukkraken

Speeders & Fighters

  Rebel Alliance and 1 more...
----- Ilzhahkha

Hold-Out Smugglers Main

  Smugglers and Spies
Hand-Chewie-Falcon, Lando, Hold-Out blasters and To Arms for more weapon attachments focus. ----- Laxen

Speeder Revamped w/Edge dominance

  Rebel Alliance and 5 more...
----- DWilkins

Luke/Yoda/Chewie and Falcon

  Smugglers and Spies, Aggro
Luke/Yoda/Chewie plus Falcon just to bring funny to LS ----- Heskeynho

lando deck

  Smugglers and Spies
----- scimmia2k

Echo Cavern Abuse

  Smugglers and Spies
Trying to find the most possible ways to take focus tokens off of Echo Caverns to keep on re-using it, making your opponent's cards less and less powerful, while pumping up yours. **--- Theotherring


  Smugglers and Spies, Experimental
Swarm fighters, trench run and rebel assault with millenium falcon? ----- MadFox

Trust Me, It's Questionable

  Smugglers and Spies
Want to win? ----- MoSSBerG


  Smugglers and Spies
----- Boodzik

Smuggler's Edge

  Smugglers and Spies
----- golconda2


  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies
Smuggler's Den with Luke, Yoda, Guardians, Han and Falcon. ----- Laxen

Journey To Alderaan (or not)

  Smugglers and Spies
A slightly new take on one of the best decks in the game. ----- FATMUSICGUY

Transporting Contraband

  Smugglers and Spies
Sneak by main defenses. ***-- FATMUSICGUY

Swindles and Mind Tricks

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies
Why fight fair if you don't need to? Use your Swindles, Jedi Mind Tricks and targetted strikes to destroy opposing boards and objectives. ----- pj1

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Death Star

  Smugglers and Spies, Fun
Probably won't win much, but the gangs all here. ----- corrinmana

Never Tell Me the Odds

  Smugglers and Spies
----- Toqtamish

Smugglers Everywhere

  Smugglers and Spies, Control
Just put all the good Smugglers cards together into one deck. Not tested but this is the blueprint I want to try out when I get Edge of Darkness in my hands. ----- bmtrocks

Questionable Rebels

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Han and Wedge together. And some other shenanigans... ----- 4wallz

Spies & Rebel's

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Trying to find the some love between Han & Leia ----- iStasis

New take on the Rebellion...

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Neutrals and Renegade related stuff. ----- swtke

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