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Smugglers and Spies

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  Deck Name Deck Teaser Rating Author

Rebels with Tricks

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Rebel aggro deck with a number of tricks to combat Imperial Navy decks. ----- pj1

Table Flip's [Deck Talk] Clever deck name here

  Smugglers and Spies, Experimental
Trying out some new rebel decks that were posted and seemed to have won a few regional tournaments. We will get back with the results in our findings in our next episode. ----- Bazeleel


  Smugglers and Spies, Casual
----- Jefton22

Jedi Smuggling

  Smugglers and Spies, Jedi, Other
----- Brence

rebels weapon cache

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
----- BobaFett


  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies
----- pattom72

Renegade Rebellion Tweak 1

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
----- swtke

Jedi Tweak 1

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies and 1 more...
----- swtke

Rebel Force Control

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
Take control of the Force with Rebels for a change. ----- Jesterlaughing13

Renegade Hoth

  Smugglers and Spies, Aggro
----- Jesterlaughing13

Jedi Force Control

  Smugglers and Spies, Jedi and 1 more...
----- Bazeleel

LS starship deck

  Smugglers and Spies and 1 more...
----- brownavenger

Hoth Smugglers/Rebels

  Smugglers and Spies, Aggro, Theme
A kind of fusion of a lot of the light side decks going around. Focuses on shields. ****- bmtrocks

Smugglers Den 2.0

  Smugglers and Spies, Jedi and 1 more...
Just replaced yoda for Kenobi ----- Bazeleel

Rebels and Renegades

  Smugglers and Spies, Aggro, Combo
The best of the Rebellion and the best of the Renegades. ----- MercyStreet

Hoth test

  Smugglers and Spies, Experimental
Hoth objectives with some Han help ----- Timbucktoo

Renegade Rebellion Test

  Smugglers and Spies and 3 more...
----- swtke


  Smugglers and Spies, Jedi
Han and Luke with Yoda, Old Ben's Spirit and Guardian ----- flightmaster101

hoth rebel takeover

  Rebel Alliance and 3 more...
----- Doomscizor

Edmonton Regional Champ LS Deck

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies, Aggro and 1 more...
Big Boys come out swining! ----- Saej

The Smuggler's Den - Kingdom Con Regional Champion

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies and 1 more...
***** TinyGrimes

Rebel Fun

  Rebel Alliance and 2 more...
----- corrinmana

Jedi Heroes

  Jedi, Smugglers and Spies, Aggro and 1 more...
What everyone else is playing... ----- gold34

[DoH] Jedi/Han 1.0

  Smuggers and Spies, Jedi and 2 more...
----- Bazeleel

Post Desolation Jedi/Han Deck

  Smugglers and Spies, Jedi, Aggro and 1 more...
Han/Yoda/Luke deck, enhancing them to set up for big strikes. Uses Message from Beyond to give the deck more options. ----- Dedicated

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