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The Power of the Force

The Power of the Force

The Power of the Force

Type: Event
Cost: 1
Resolve one of your dice, treating its value as equal to the number of Blue upgrades you have in play.
Side: Neutral
Color: Blue
Rarity: Common
Number: 148
Illustrator: Diego Gisbert Llorens
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Feb 24 2017 03:48 AM

Had someone use this with Awakening http://www.cardgamed.../awakening-r364 to resolve a modified dice.  Not entirely sure you can do that but wanted to confirm what others thought.  Since Awakening doesn't say 'before you resolve' or something similar I would think that they can't be combined.

You got dudded. Awakening says 'Action - Exhaust this support to resolve one of your dice showing a modified side as if it was not modified.' 


Using it is an action. Playing The Power of the Force is an action.


You can't play two actions combined as one action.

I have a fun question. What if you play this card on a special of any card and you have 3 upgrades. Can you resolve 3 times this special ? I'm curiosue what you think about that.

No you can't. It modify only a number on your dice to the number of Upgrades you have. Special don't have number
Mar 15 2017 12:19 AM

Giving specials a value doesn't matter. Specials have a value of 0, but I don't think the game specifically states that value can't be changed - however there's nothing in the rules that references the special's value when you resolve it. So even if your special has a value of X, that doesn't mean you get to resolve it multiple times. It just means that you resolve it as normal, but it technically had a higher value when you resolved it with no actual effect on gameplay.

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