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Alpha Legion Infiltrator

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Alpha Legion Infiltrator

Alpha Legion Infiltrator

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Chaos
Cost: 2
Attack Value: 4
Hit Points: 1
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Scout. Alpha Legion.

The Alpha legion sows Chaos across the galaxy to further their heretical plots to unknown ends. It is rare to see the members of the Legion gather in large numbers.

Set: Core Set Number: 81 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
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Decent card, but seems too fragile, the 1 hp is a killer. But I am probably wrong about it, I see it as a weak control card, it is probably a great aggro card.

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A decent early game capping unit that turns into a lethal fighter. Deploy it somewhere where you'll have the initiative once battle comes around and this will serve you well-- just watch out for light damage effects like Sicarius's Chosen or Ork Kannon.

After trying him out a bit, I feel like this guy's biggest strength lies in sneaking him out with an Infernal Gateway. If you have the initiative in the fight and all your opponent's units are already exhausted, he gets to crash the party and go axe crazy for eight damage (ten with your Warlord!).


Otherwise, he works quite well with Rune-Encrusted Armor as a sort of Possessed, I guess, or just generally when you have initiative.

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great card when u have initiative, it can kill a good value army before it does anything

Way to fragile to me, 3/2 would have made him so much better it's not even funny. For sure it can do something under iniative but it's easily counterd by ANY Ranged unit. 2/5 from me, probably should be rated 3/5 but I just can't see it being worth it's cost. 


The Dark Eldar variant that is 3/1 and has two Command is infinatly superior.

Jan 07 2015 04:52 PM

A "glass cannon" unit. This doesn't make it bad, but neither so good. Can be excluded, since it's a solid choice if you have initiative, but it's 2R1C wasted if you don't.

It lacks either +1 HP or +1 Command in exchange of 1 ATT (i.e. 2-3-1 or 1-3-2) to be an auto-include.


As an infiltrator you'd think he'd have Ambush...Still, shenanigans with shields and having the initiative make him hit pretty hard at least once or twice. 3/5.

A card that seldom sees play, Obviosly only good when you have initiative. Chaos isn´t a very durable faction, and there are better ways to increase your damage output. However, the scout trait may be explored in the future. One might wonder why this is loyal and the Incubus Warrior are not.



Jul 18 2016 05:56 PM
I agree with Christars regarding the Infernal Gateway being his best use (he's definitely swung a couple of engagements for me with Zarathur on hand). However, I disagree with the idea that he's completely useless - he's too big a threat to be ignored and can make sure other units survive for a crucial round. If you don't have initiative it's still not a dead card thanks to the Command icon.