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Bad Dok

Bad Dok

Bad Dok

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Orks
Cost: 2
Attack Value: 1
Hit Points: 4
Command Icons: 1
Traits: Oddboy. Nob.

This unit gains 3 command icons while it is damaged.
“Not dat one! Da uvver arm! ARGH!” -Snagruk, Ork Patient

Set: Core Set Number: 65 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Mauro Dal Bo
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3 command is fantastic, not sure yet how to optimize this card but definitely has potential

At present, the game has several 2 cost for 2 icon units-- the Sanctioned Psyker, Chaos Heretics, Incubus Warrior, and Vash'ya Trailblazer. The Bad Dok is the Ork answer to those cards, but unfortunately it doesn't quite stack up IMO. If you have a Bigga Is Betta to play it with, this card is amazingly good. If you can spare an Ork Kannon shot to turn this guy's ability on, it can be pretty decent. But the other 2 cost 2 icon units are good without support from other cards, and this guy is quite underwhelming without a way to damage him.

The thing about this is, it is not 2 cost for 2 command, when turned on it is 2 cost for 4 command, big difference, it is worth the jumping throught a few hoops to get those extra command icons. The fact that it has 4 health also help a lot with this and opens up more options (such as a warpstorm to clean the planet and activate him) that are not availble with smaller unit

this combined with warlord and bigga is betta... well then it can get 2 cost, 4 CP, 2-4 AT and 3 HP..

1 when undamaged, 4 when damaged is just worse than 2 command icons, in my opinion. Sure, if you roll him out with Bigga is Betta, thats awesome, but now we're talking about 2 cards played in combo for 4 command and 3 HP instead of 4 HP. You only get 2 Bigga is Betta as well, which drops your chances of assembling the combo.


Compare it to Promotion played on any 2 command 2 cost unit, and limtied aside, the latter is a much more flexible play, which happens over 2 deploys rather than 1. Yes there's no discount here, but the always-useful effect of the latter combo separately compared to the only-great-when-combined of the former makes the Bigga is Betta / Bad Dok combo weaker in deck and gameplay terms, even if its great when it does happen.


Unless you get Bigga is Betta its very hard to force an opponent to damage him for you: a stronger and easier play by far is for your opponent to just out-icon you more economically.


4 toughness is a useful thing, for sure, but not in isolation. High toughness doesn't mean much if your damage output is low or you are in a battle of attrition. That is to say 2/2 is better than 3/1 or 1/3.


All in all, I think its easy to be blinded by the combo potential and to fail to see that this card actually isn't all that great on its own.


To be clear though, I'm not saying that Ork decks in the opening meta shouldn't take 3 x of Bad Dok. They absolutely should, for the off chance the combo will go off, but in the long term I think this card will fall out of the meta.

Good now and will only become better with the likes of Dakka Dakka Dakka!

3/5 (for now).

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Jan 07 2015 05:46 PM

Agree with both Asklepios and Killax.

For now it's a 2-3x (expecially for the 4 HP) that draws massive fire (they want him dead, not wounded. DEAD). I foresee a future of a DDD wiping the board (making this a 4 command) revolting the fates of the upcoming command phase.


My last post on this was in September, and my current read on this is that its a 0x card. In the core meta, may have been worth including a few copies just because orks were so thin on the ground with low cost command.


At present, it really has no role at all.

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i'll add my two cents: its not a great card for BiB, there are better choices available, but what i am using bad doks for right now is KFG fodder alongside Enraged Orks. theyre a cost efficient damage soak that can be extra useful with naz around. i definitly dont use him for his command ability, as has been discussed its just not worth the investment to get him working. but if he can take the heat off your higher value targets and hit back like a truck, he's worth the two resources. Now in the upcomming Old Zog decks, i doubt id be playing Bad doks without the brutal synergies.

Yeah Bad Dok became a real Bad Dok. Would I have to re-rate this card it would be 2.5/5, again it's not bad but it isn't particulary good either. 

I don't see how a 2 cost 1/4 with a moderately useful ability in a Nazdreg deck is so bad. Granted I haven't missed him much since I replaced him with Mekaniak crew, but a 2 cost 1/4 with brutal is not a bad card. I wouldn't put him in a Zogwort deck though.

Awesome card with Nazdreg. 2 cost for a 1/1/4 is good enough, even without the ability. Solid.

I put 3 of these in my chaos deck along with 3 ork kannons. Just slap the bad dok on a planet with an enemy ally, use the kanon, it kills the ally and activates the command. If they shield they're dumb because you will win the command struggle.

I put 3 of these in my chaos deck along with 3 ork kannons. Just slap the bad dok on a planet with an enemy ally, use the kanon, it kills the ally and activates the command. If they shield they're dumb because you will win the command struggle.

Ork Kannon is a combat action.

Decent unit if you get the bigga is betta or ork kanon in play. Also pretty good if plannum is in play since you can have him at a battke and then move him damaged to a another planet.

I know that the ork kannon is a combat action but you can shoot that planet in the combat phase and have the command struggle won for the next round.

Sadly with the next pack ork playes will get 2 new units for the same cost so I doubt I will use him much in the future.

This card fits perfectly in a deck-type that isn´t that effecient.