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Cadian Mortar Squad

Cadian Mortar Squad

Cadian Mortar Squad

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Astra Militarum
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 1
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Soldier. Cadia.

Ranged. (This unit attacks during the ranged skirmish at the beginning of a battle.)
Reaction: After an army unit you control at this planet leaves play, ready this unit.

Set: Core Set Number: 36 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Dan Scott
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This thing can clear a table if used properly, any str mods and it is a beast. Good card.

Solid core unit. It's a little worse on its own than comparable units, but synergizes well with Colonel Straken's ability. For a tricky play, import Ork Kannons and fire them during the ranged combat step to bump off your own damaged or 1 HP units, thus letting this fire again before everyone else gets to go!

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Dec 16 2014 03:30 AM

I dunno. Its attack is rather weak even with Straken hanging around. Strakens Cunning starts to make it more interesting, but I find it gets targeted pretty quickly by people even when I do not have any buffs on it, just so I will not be able to fire it again. I think I mostly like it just because it is another 2 flag unit for the guard with a little less staying power than the sanctioned psyker, but a pop of ranged.

Great card for the AM, unfortunatly not a 2/2 Ranged with the same effect and Command but nontheless very good. 4/5 because untapping Ranged units brings so much potential.

Jan 07 2015 07:31 PM

Excellent card. The built-in ready tech needs other card to be fueled. Stats slightly above average with that text.

4/5 because I'm expecting a lot from those Cadians.

Pretty much in every game I have one of these swing twice for three a piece before it goes down, but usually more. Save him for the icon winning planet and put Straken's Cunning on him. Usually by then I have my machine up and running, so the planet will also have a Markis to trigger a friendly unit leaving play or I will have a Glorious Intervention in hand. Once it is focus fired down (the first strike is usually what gets GI'd away and then it readies up), drawing up with Straken's Cunning usually gets me a shield card and an Elysian Strike Team that replaces the Mortar Team. 5/5 for me.

Even better out of Coteaz, with the inbuilt means of ditching units for benefit on the Warlord and his synergistic signature cards.

I think the downgrade from 2 to 1 damage makes this much worse for Coteaz than for Straken, but testing will tell.

Situational like many other cards, but in my experience this card is quite powerful with Coteaz, especially if it's battling along a Henchmen unit. I also find it useful to drain the opponent's hand of shield cards since the three or four ranged one-damage swings can be dealt on multible enemy units (as opposed to just one swing of four damage. Nice little synergy with the Eagle's action as well.

I love this card.  Compared to Iron Guard Recruits - which are often an auto-include in AM decks - for 1 more resource you get +1 HP and Ranged.  Already seems like a decent trade-off, but when you can get the most out of the reaction, they're amazing.  Coteaz offers the most chances to ready them, but they mostly just have 1 ATK (with one-time +2 boosts for each Outpost you have).  Worr has the fewest innate opportunities to trigger their reaction, but the best ability to give them a static attack boost and can also prevent them being routed on green planets (making Choppas more viable).  I think they work well with any of the 3 AM warlords.

Also works well with Broderick - pretty much a 2/3 most of the time (and has possible synergy with the signature event). More synergy with Markis if he's about.

Yep, can confirm that he's beastly in Worr. At green planets he can't be routed which means that Goff Choppas are more useful on him in Worr than in the other 2 warlords. As said, Summary Execution + Markis work well with him, as well as Noble Deed especially if you've got Mystic Wardens in the deck. 

Another of those cards where the deck type where it fits is too inconsistant.