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Coliseum Fighters

Coliseum Fighters

Coliseum Fighters

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Dark Eldar
Cost: 2
Attack Value: 1
Hit Points: 2
Command Icons:
Traits: Warrior. Wych.

Reaction: After this unit enters play, return the topmost event card from your discard pile to your hand.

Set: Core Set Number: 113 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Ben Peck
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Aug 12 2014 11:39 PM

This will be a mainstay in all DE decks for sure.

I hear that recursion can be a good thing. Recurring events to reuse with to create more Khymera tokens seems like a plausible strategy.

DE have great events and while the card itself is weak the ability to get those cards back makes this card great.

This unit's stats are extremely bad for its cost (0/1/2 for 2? 0/1/1s cost 0 or less...), but its Reaction is great. Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Chaos decks that use lots of events might find this card quite handy.

Its a shame that the recursion is telegraphed, as the greatest value of event cards is their surprise value.


Don't get me wrong though: still a great card.

Very solid card, not yet a staple but will most likely end up being one. 4/5.

Jan 09 2015 07:23 PM

Great card. I would prefer a command icon. Effect cannot be understimeted and proved wonders in Ch/DE and DE/E (in minor way), but the opponent is not blind and gains knowledge of at least one card in your grip.


With 1 attack and zero hammers, this body can be ignored most of the times. So you play it for its reaction? Well, if it had the Kabalite trait, you could ambush it and do some combat tricks with it. No thanks.