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Craftworld Gate

Craftworld Gate

Craftworld Gate

Type: Support
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Upgrade.

Action: Exhaust this support to return a target army unit you control to your hand.
The Webway allows the Eldar to move across the galaxy without risking the perils of the Warp.

Set: Core Set Number: 145 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Alexandr Elichev
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Save a damaged unit, reset a come into play ability or simply redeploy a unit to a new planet, fantastic card and fantastic cost. 

Too situational to be truly amazing IMO, but if Eldar get any strong, cheap enters play effects this could be very good in the future.

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Not yet broken but can be done so when Eldar will gain more EtB triggers. Looking forward to that.

Currently 4/5 for great potential.

Jan 09 2015 08:35 PM

This support has a great potential. I always want to test it for Swordwind Farseer or redeploy a Survivalist, but I've never find a free slot.


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This is currently my favorite Eldar card.



I don't know if it will ever be broken. But there is certainly some kind of shin-anigans to be had with this card.

Feb 21 2015 08:34 PM

Awesome support. Obvious synergy with "enters play" reaction units like Coliseum Fighters and Earth Caste Technician, but its strongest use is to rescue units that are about to die, especially weak command units that are being picked off by the enemy warlord.

I use this with Coliseum fighters for recursion of shield event cards, also people love it when I re-use the same copy of doom 3 times :)


Not to mention the saving of damaged cards or the rescue of lonely survivalists, absolutely a necessity.


Combos well with Gift of Isha as well to return unit from your discard to battle and then back into your hand for redeploy later.


Great multi-use card!

It is a great card, though not quite inclusion-worthy yet, due to lack of sufficient effects that trigger on entering and leaving play.


Am hoping that Kabalite Halfborn from Threat Beyond will be non-loyal, as that could be a fairly cheap repeatable draw effect.

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I agree. Its currently underpowered but its only 1-2 cards away from being broken good!
I wonder if the newly released Wraithguard Revenant makes this worth another look?

Don't think so, as Revenant is not much use in your hand. Rather, Revenant makes Caius Wroth stronger, and adds to the Banshee blade reanimator deck.

Still, the revenant could be flipped back to hand after fighting on first planet, then redeployed for "free" on a later green planet.

That was what I was thinking.

Yeah, but why bother? If you let it die instead, you can still redeploy it for free at that later green planet, AND you've used up another attack from your opponent.

The only reason I can see is the case where the battle at the first planet is won and the Wraithguard is still alive AND you don't have one in your hand/discard pile already. Only then is it really worth it, otherwise you're losing out on future resources

No thanks. I´d rather play a card that builds my board and lets me control the board.



Gotta repeat myself, return Survivalist, Cappers, Council, Destructor or Exarch to hand after taking damage and play them again next turn ? Yes please! Can be extremely annoying.