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Elysian Assault Team

Elysian Assault Team

Elysian Assault Team

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Astra Militarum
Cost: 2
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 1
Command Icons:
Traits: Soldier. Elysia.

Interrupt: When a Soldier or Warrior unit you control leaves play from a planet, put this unit into play from your hand at the same planet.

Set: Core Set Number: 46 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Michal Ivan
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Since this happens at Interrupt speed, I expect it will be a nice surprise for your opponent - especially if they were hoping to get rid of one of your units before they had the chance to attack! It also pairs nicely with various AM sacrifice tactics.

A somewhat weaker but still quite potent version of the Eager Recruit. This one is more expensive when deployed normally but free when it makes its surprise attack, though the conditions under which it can jump in are much more limited.

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Do you have to pay for its cost to use the interrupt effect?

Nope, it's covered by the "put into play" text, same as Shadowsun's ability.

Situational but still very good when it's free. 4/5.

Jan 09 2015 09:34 PM

5/5 with one command. He's a great addiction to AM's shenaningans, but I fell it will slowly going to disappear once more reliable card will come up.

4/5 for now.

This card change battles, buffs with straken and can use Glorious Intervention also. Just for free 5/5

More and more armies that you don't want to deploy are being printed. This unit competes for that space, and isn´t that impacting.