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Type: Support
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 1
Traits: Location.

Limited. (Limit one Limited card per round.)
Interrupt: When you deploy a [SPACE MARINE] unit, exhaust this support to reduce that unit’s cost by 1.

Set: Core Set Number: 29 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Alex Drummond
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I have the impression, that the Space Marines (Starter Deck) hardly run into Resource Problems. I was able to play this card in almost every match and it almost always saved me quite some Resources.

Jan 09 2015 10:02 PM

Except for notable examples, reducers are 1x staples.


(Sentimental Marine) I am a person who possess every single card in 3 copy (i.e. A collector) with zero game under his belt (so treat my comments accordingly). My comments are mostly "sentimental", which means they will make disservice to you if you are preparing for a tourney!!! Small glimpses of rationality may mislead you! Be warned! I loved this card. When I bought the game I constructed Ariane decks (i.e. Decks who use a single faction only) for each faction and I placed 3 copies of this in each deck; THEN I noticed the skull on the card. You can't have more than one copy in your HQ!!! Now I hate this card for sentimental reasons. I have been cheated!
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