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Goff Nob

Goff Nob

Goff Nob

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Orks
Cost: 5
Attack Value: 6
Hit Points: 6
Command Icons:
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Warrior. Nob. Elite.

“We’re da best. Think different do ya? Come and have a go then, ya runty little wimp!” -Gasgrakh, Goff Nob

Set: Core Set Number: 59 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Sergio Camarena Bernabeu
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Seriously lacks Command Icons, which is weird as it is close to a Boss.

Jan 09 2015 10:20 PM

Commandless, pointless, clueless fattie. Vanilla cards should look different to be acceptable.


Feb 05 2015 06:27 PM

I am curious if we will be seeing more Nobz now that Aun'shi and Deception will be around alot more than usual. Time will tell.

I think this game has been under-rated by many for a long time: its not intended as an efficient command unit, but rather as a battlefield presence: a way of asking an opponent "Can you deal with a 6/6 Brutal, or do I win this one?"


A lot of its relative weakness in core has been due to context: relative command weakness of orks left them somewhat short of resources and cards in general, and thus it was more necessary for them to have command icons even on their fighting units. Then, as time has gone on, other options like Klaivex and Inquisitorial Fortress have made them look weaker still.


This card was never a 1/5 though, it was a 3/5 that you considered at 1-2 slot level, depending on meta, but which didn't quite make the cut when Cato and Kith were dominant.


I agree he definitely poses a hard question for Aun'shi: much like Ragnar struggles to answer big Heldrake-like units, so does Aun'shi.


More importantly, the existence of Ammo Depot and access to more cheap command options (such as the Mordians) has put a supercharger under Ork draw: with a deck that mostly runs low costs, its entirely possible to get deep into an Ork deck now (last game I played with Orks, I had 6 cards left in the deck at the game end, which was on Turn 6).


That lets us search for "game closer" options, and also lends strength to combo based plays. Say you've got a Tellporta Pad, this card, Bigga iz Betta and Crushface on the table. Thats 7 attack that will swoop out of nowhere and hammer the first planet, for 2 resources at the time of play.

Of course thats not something that will happen often, no more than Stingwing Swarm + Ion Rifle + Ambush Platform will happen that often, but decent command and draw creates the possibility of playing big plays like that, and the big weakness of a fast drawing ork swarm is not having the big hits needed to take down big tough opponents. That makes a card like this sometimes a dead draw, and sometimes a game winning play.

As such, it remains a 3/5, but now one that I'm running at x1.

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Imo always worth 1 of just for the cheeky chance of getting a Cybork Body on him.
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Saw a deck running 3 of this guy with fall back to keep him alive, wonder how good it would be?

Saw a deck running 3 of this guy with fall back to keep him alive, wonder how good it would be?


That deck shape is quite high variance: I played against a similar concept out of Ku'gath, with big hitters and 3x Fall Back, plus Dakka Dakka. Beat that deck, but it was a tough, tough match as I had to dedicate a lot of cards and resources to taking down those enemies, which then bounced back into play.


Largely a deck like that is presenting a challenge to opposing deck quality and player skill (with the difficulty of the challenge weighted by the "rushiness" of the first few planets, i.e. how many matching icons there are in the first four). If they can answer you successfully, then you haven't got the card draw or spare resources to play flexibly in return. If they can't answer you, you can get the win.

if goff nob gets killed, then you active fall back can you use tellyporta to bring him back to the fight all in one?

if goff nob gets killed, then you active fall back can you use tellyporta to bring him back to the fight all in one?

Pretty much. You react with Fall Back to Goff Nob's destruction, then use your action window to activate Tellyporta Pad and send the Goff Nob back into the fray.

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Dec 16 2015 04:30 PM
No card more fun to play, but you need to build a lot around it.

There are much better ork elites, but they are vehicles, so there are some  spots for this guy.