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Infantry Conscripts

Infantry Conscripts

Infantry Conscripts

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Astra Militarum
Cost: 4
Attack Value: 0
Hit Points: 5
Command Icons:
Signature/Loyalty: ---
Traits: Conscript.

This unit gets +2 ATK for each support card you control.
They may be outmatched, but they are never outnumbered.

Set: Core Set Number: 45 Quantity: 2
Illustrator: Andrius Anezin
Recent Decks Using This Card:
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Well, it's a body at least. But without any Support cards in play, this card is hardly worth it. Worst of all, they don't even have any command icons.

You need at least 2 supports in play to make this playable. With 3 or more, profit!

This is a pretty weak unit IMO. You need 3+ supports for it to really be justifiable, and it's not even a Warrior or Soldier for Straken's ability. Compare to the Assault Valkyrie, which is 4 for a 1/4/4 with a very strong ability.

Mediocre so far but most likely to grow and grow, can hit incredible hard in the lategame. 

Would have been more awesome if it included at least 1 Command icon.

Jan 19 2015 08:31 PM

A 4-cost without any command deserves better stat or text. A potential great card if, in fututr, they give us a reason to play lots of supports.

2/5 at the moment.

A bad unit indeed. The worst in the AM. With 3 supports is powerful, but you can use Valkiries or another Ork or Space Marine unit for the Cost without needing supports. Maybe in the future with cards that buff Conscript trait... 2/5 at the moment I agree.

Well... I don't disagree that its a bad unit, though I'd say the moment when we play an AM deck with 20 Supports is pretty much arriving, as of the Zogwort pack.


Thing is, even if we run a deck that is 40% supports, we're still looking at a unit that costs 4 and does nothing but be a big bruiser. I wonder if such a card will ever be viable at tourney level.

Feb 18 2015 09:55 AM

Definitely a late-game card but with 3 supports out and a Hostile Environment Gear you've got a unit that can hit extremely hard and take the hits in return.  I hate facing this card as it can be a nightmare to deal with.

So we're talking a 5-card combo costing  5R plus cost of supports, that gives you a 0/6/8 unit with no special abilities?


Thats a hard thing to assemble before the late game, and late game likely something that can be answered one way or another with the usual plays (routing, exhausting, and so on). I'm not sure that can justify deck space. Likewise HEG is in itself a weak enough card that it doesn't see much play, and this will be doubly true in a deck that runs around Supports.


As Atrus says, why not just run the Assault Valkyrie, need  no circumstances at all, and have a solid combat unit that is almost as effective?

Right now I use 2 Burna boyz in my AM deck. One of these with Straken and one Catachan outpost can kill your Conscript (you can use shields for sure), and give me some special effects also: A command Icon, Extra 1 damage, and a warrior trait (Glorious Intervention, Elysian Assault Team).


Beefy units are scary, but easily controlable in this game (exhausting, routing, etc), the real winners are the special effects and the synergy in your deck, this way you can react to your opponent surprises.


I hope that in the future Conscripts will have some event/support/troop or even a Warlord that make use of the conscript trait. Until then, there are much better choices in AM, Orks and SM. Is maybe the only card in entire AM set that I don't want to play in any deck yet >_< Lets see what the future brings.

Feb 18 2015 02:08 PM

Yes, they can be controlled, but usually for one Combat round.  Routing works but in Eldar the only card I have to do that is Archon's Terror.  There are quite a few exhaust effects (Eldorath, Dire Avengers, etc.) that can help during turn one of a combat.  


In the late-game it's much harder to avoid this unit and with Eldar, there aren't enough decent firepower units to kill the beefier AM in time to kill this with 8HP.  If you get bogged down in a combat with these guys as Eldar then there's a very good chance you'll come off worse.


I'm not saying this is a good card, but in the games I've seen it played it's more than earned it's place.

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Also keep in mind Fury of Sicarius, what a downer! 

The best use I've found is in a deck with Blood Angel Veterans equipped with Bodyguard. Supports include all the best: Outpost, Bunker, etc.

That'd be a nice solid combo, for sure, and hard to shift if the opponent doesn't have a good answer. Its also a lot of resources and cards to sink though, so I'd expect the opponent's resulting command advantage to have them have a good chance of finding their answer.

These guys are worth running 3x with the useful supports AM get . Late game killers .... and who cares if theyre the only unit you run without command presence . they're not for that purpose . 

No hammers and no useful traits, but we are coming to a place where this is playable.



One of my favourite cards to talk about. Do have a read of this column:



Still not a good card.

Sep 02 2016 01:39 PM

Not a consistent card.  It's won games for me, but AM has much better and more consistent options now so yeah I think I lean toward Estyles assessment. I don't put it in decks anymore, but Asklepios probably structured the best possible argument for their value.  Spike damage was only needed in a hunt deck previously which made this guy almost worthless in the meta.  Now at least he is going to have many targets where his potential damage isn't overkill. 

Sep 03 2016 10:17 AM

I just want to see something tying together the Conscript trait or utilising it. At the moment I'm not really sure what it signifies, but it could make for something cool; with explosive shock collars, or Arbitors, or event cards that show their lack of loyalty but make it somehow usable for the Guard...