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Land Raider

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Land Raider

Land Raider

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 5
Attack Value: 3
Hit Points: 7
Command Icons: 3
Traits: Vehicle. Tank. Elite.

No Wargear Attachments.
Vehicle units you control at this planet cannot be targeted by enemy card abilities.

Set: Core Set Number: 17 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Jeff Porter
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I like this thing with my Blood Angel Veteran Bodyguard plan.  Costly but the Vets make this annoying to kill normally and its power keeps the Vets safe from shenanigans.  Add Indomitable just to be really, really obnoxious.


Q: I have been helpfully informed that Area of Effect is a card ability.  When the enemy attacks with AoE and you have a Land Raider, does that mean only the Vehicles present take the AoE hit?

No, AOE does not target, it just deals damage across the board.

Nov 10 2014 09:54 PM
Does this card cancel enemy ranged attack ?

Does this card cancel enemy ranged attack ?

No. Ranged simply enables a unit to attack during the ranged skirmish. It's not an effect that targets.

It's a normal attack being executed at a different time, that's all.

Nov 11 2014 06:21 AM
Does this card cancel the Ranged attack capacity of the enemy unit ?

How is this question different from your first?


No, it doesn't.

Nov 11 2014 08:16 AM

ok thanks, sorry for the double post

No, AOE does not target, it just deals damage across the board.

Its a pity, that. If it stopped AOE it would make decks, as it is it seems to only help warlords and cards that are cheaper than it - and therefore the Land Raider tends to be targeted instead.

I think, in many cases, the land raider would reduce the field of eligible units down a lot (depending on unit distribution).  It's a unit similar to the Ogryn.  It's ability is pretty great, on it's face, but it's a double-edged sword as well.  If you're not careful, you could be in a situation where Land Raider is the only unit that can be targeted from an ability.  For example, if something like Power From Pain is played, and all of  your units are at one planet (with Land raider)....you're only option is to discard is Land Raider.


It's something to be factored in, but it's ability is pretty good and it has the hit points to last a few rounds of combat.

Power from Pain does not target. You can still sacrifice any other of your units.

Is that how it works?  I read Land Raider's abillity as being similar to Ogryn's (though, not exactly the same). 


I stand corrected! :)

Found a forum post related:


Great 5 drop altough currently the game is not really open for a multitude of 4+ drops. 4/5 however.

Great card. Won me a game today stopping Tau from using deception on my Marcus
Jan 19 2015 09:11 PM

A lot of testing shows that actually this card protects against from Archon's Terror or Decption, not a lot more. 5R are way too much for just this.


How does this work with attachments? Can I attach some Torture to other units at the same planet? And also if a unit with Torture moves next to this Land Raider would it cancel the effect?

Yes, you can still attach attachments to enemy units, as that's not targeting, thats just choosing where to put a card into play.


Land Raider doesn't make them immune, just not valid target choices.


Suffering and Heavy Marker Drone continue to work just fine, though I'd note the Land Raider itself is a good target for both of those anyway.

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A lot of testing shows that actually this card protects against from Archon's Terror or Decption, not a lot more. 5R are way too much for just this.


What card does it protect from terror?, Every opponent I have been happy to rout my land raider :P

AoE units and Librarians. 

Does this protect your units from Warlord abilities such as ragnar/starbane/kugath?


That "yes" needs to be qualified just a bit. This unit protects your units from being the target of Warlord abilities. So while it will protect from Blackmane's and Starbane's abilities (which target the unit they damage/exhaust), it will NOT protect from Ku'gath's ability (which does not target the unit it moves damage to).

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True, missed that one.

Ability is not that useful.



Just to clarify, you can still route a non-vehicle unit at the same planet as Land Raider by triggering Ferrun, correct? Because it's a planet ability, not an enemy card effect?

that is correct.