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Osus IV

Osus IV

Osus IV

Type: Planet
Type Symbols: Strongpoint

Battle: Take 1[RESOURCE] from your opponent.

Set: Core Set Number: 181 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Julian Kok
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Nov 09 2015 03:31 PM
I'd say that this is the weakest of all the planets. It almost never is home to a big battle, cause it's battle ability isn't great, and it is only one symbol.
Nov 09 2015 03:40 PM

the ability is quite outstanding if your opponents is lacking of resources :)

I'd say this is one of the most under-rated of all planets, as people are often locked into a cards > resources mindset, and if you're in a planet array without heavy resources present, the combination of winning command and the battle ability will leave you with a huge advantage in the following turn, and thus its often a very good place to warlord snipe.


Look at it this way: if you change it from them winning command to you winning command, thats 2R you gain, 2R they effectively lose. If you trigger the battle ability thats a further +1R/-1R. Net result of sending your Warlord to Osus with a command snipe: 6R advantage.


also worth noting is your general deckshape. If you're playing an Ammo Depot deck, for example, this is a prime target to seize.

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Nov 10 2015 09:24 AM

Luckly I have underlings like Asklepios who can put in words my thoughts #ASKlepios



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