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Type: Planet
Type Symbols: Tech, Strongpoint

Battle: Move a non-warlord unit you control to a planet of your choice.

Set: Core Set Number: 175 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Wibben
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can i move any unit from this planet or from any other planet too?

Nov 21 2014 08:29 PM

Either, as long as you control the Non-Warlord unit.

What if this is the first planet , with only one unit present , so the one unit during combat takes the planet , can that unit be the unit moved to another planet ? and if so , how does it work ..... does the unit return first to HQ and then get moved exhausted or ready ?

The sequence at the end of a battle at the first planet is: 1) Trigger the planet's battle ability; 2) Place the captured planet in your victory display; and 3) Return surviving units to HQ in their current ready/exhausted state. (RRG, p. 26).


Therefore, if this is the first planet and you win combat, you can trigger its battle ability and send one of your surviving units to a different planet. It will not go to your HQ because it will be moved away before getting to that step. And it will stay in whatever state (ready/exhausted) it started in because the battle ability doesn't tell you to ready or exhaust the moved unit.

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Thanks .