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Type: Army Unit
Faction: Chaos
Cost: 5
Attack Value: 9
Hit Points: 4
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: ---
Traits: Daemon. Elite.

These Chaos Space Marines give themselves willingly to the powers of Chaos, their bodies taken over in times of battle and twisted into horrible forms.

Set: Core Set Number: 82 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: GW Design Studio
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Sure they have no special ability or text, but they are a Daemon unit and can be made cheaper by various cultists and...ummm...9 ATK!?!? wow.

highest base attack so far. Worth the 5 cost

Ally with Orks, get that sweet Rokkit Launcha. Mmm, 9 damage Ranged.

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Hit's like a beast. Makes 40K players wish they where that good in the miniature game.



- Don't even get me started on Rokkit stupidity. 

Jan 19 2015 09:53 PM

I'd rather have those 5 resources spent in better fatties (Grinder, Helldrake or even the Bloodthirster) while playing Ch/DE.

However, in Ch/Or, with a Launcher, Possessed deserves their spot.


The brutality of this card is very appealing. With the love for elites, this has become a lot better.