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Swordwind Farseer

Swordwind Farseer

Swordwind Farseer

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 2
Command Icons: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Psyker. Biel-Tan.

Reaction: After this unit enters play, search the top 6 cards of your deck for a card. Add it to your hand, and place the remaining cards on the bottom of your deck in any order.

Set: Core Set Number: 135 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Clint Langley
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Eldar staple. This going to see play for a long time. Decent stats and a sniper draw effect. Insane!

Card goes deep but is also costed quite heavy with a less than decent body for a 3 drop.

Hard to evaluate currently since the pool of Eldar cards to get isn't incredible yet.

3.25/5 currently.

He costs just a little too much to be a 5 star from me, so 4 stars. It's important to note that he can search out ANY card and doesn't have to reveal it. Eat your heart out, Earth Caste Technician and Enginseer Augur.

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Kinda like this card, but it's hard to fit into decks.

The card plays better out of Talyesin, as its the best of a bad bunch. It basically goes something like this:


2 signature psykers in... I need more Psykers! None in my allied factions. Warlock Destructor! Excellent! Have three of those!


Uh, Erathal. Well, he's not great, but he can run my Nullifies for me while warlord is in battle. Hmm, x2 of those.


And... now what?


Prophetic Farseer? Nice HP, but broadly useless effect for a non-Urien warlord.

Seer Adept? Well, I had kind of guessed what the deep strike card was anyway, and knowing what it is doesn't help me counter it, as we're already in the command phase.

Swordwind Farseer? I guess Talyesin can boost his stats a little. Also, he costs 0C3R, which is a lot better than 1C3R. And I can get draw control to assemble my combos in a combo-dependent warlord.

Right, three copies it is!


And while poor Talyesin is struggling to match trait requirements, Eldorath over there is going "well, Wildriders are awesome, Wraithguard are awesome, Wraithblade is awesome... wow so many options! Swordwind Farseer? PFFFFFT,"


And that, dear friends, is another reason why Eldorath > Talyesin.

Well, to be fair Asklepios the Seer Adept triggers before you decide on your dial, so you can ​kinda counter their deep strike by committing in if it's a weak card or elsewhere if it's strong (but that only matters against Vezzy). Also, Inquisitor Caius Wroth trumps all of those petty space elf psykers :)

​But yeah, stick to Eldorath