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Veteran Brother Maxos

Veteran Brother Maxos

Veteran Brother Maxos

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Space Marines
Cost: 3
Attack Value: 2
Hit Points: 3
Command Icons: 2
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Soldier. Ultramarines.

Combat Action: Pay the printed cost of a [SPACE MARINE] unit in your hand to put it into play at this planet.
“Death to the foul Xenos! Vengence for Macragge!” -Veteran Brother Maxos

Set: Core Set Number: 19 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Matt Bradbury
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Playing Spacies and for some reason I just can't get behind this guy. Standard stat spread, awesome ability, 2 Command icons, very solid card. But, everytime I get him in my hand it's always: "Hmm, I could play Maxos...or I could play Sicarious' Chosen or Blood Angels Vets.". Granted he is the only other card at this point in time we can tap to use No Mercy but...eh I don't know, not my card I guess.

The idea is to have enough resources to be thinking "I can play Maxos, THEN play Sicarius' Chosen or Blood Angel Vets when he isn't expecting it!".

Or maybe he is expecting it and Maxos scares the opponent off the planet. Which is a win for you too.

Fantastic subcommander, probably should be included in any Space Marine deck since it has no downsides but being limited to it's own planet.


The real reason why this card shines is because it's unpredictable. When Command struggles are going your way you'll be able to add more power to the table out of nowhere.