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Vior’la Marksman

Vior’la Marksman

Vior’la Marksman

Type: Army Unit
Faction: Tau
Cost: 1
Attack Value: 1
Hit Points: 2
Command Icons: 1
Traits: Scout. Shas’la.

Ranged. (This unit attacks during the ranged skirmish at the beginning of a battle.)

Set: Core Set Number: 151 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Jason Juta
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Great little unit. Free if you get your Launch Bay out. Add a free Cadre +2/+2 to it for a 3/4 Ranged unit. notbad.jpg

Auto include for any Tau deck, just like any of the Core 1 drops per deck, this one is a 4/5 now.

Feb 20 2015 01:28 AM

Comparing with Deadeye Ratling......

The cross faction comparison is interesting, but they're actually very different cards, mostly because of context.


For the Marksman, its natural partner is Ion Rifle or Gun Drones, making it a serious combat threat, and also one that can survive being pinged for 1 by various effects (plaguebearers, ork kannon, dakka dakka, etc.). Also it exists within a faction that is attachment-strong, and command strong, so combos are its raison d'etre. Once you've seen an Ambush Platformed Gun Drones or Ion Rifle on this unit, you never underestimate its combat potential again. This makes Marksman very much a card that is deployed to where you expect to fight, and its command presence is secondary, especially when you consider how many other cheap command units Tau have access to. Often it'll be a late deploy to Planet 1, making your opponent get very nervous about the units he's already sent there.


In contrast, Deadeye Ratling isn't part of a ranged gunline generally, as AM and allied factions don't have strong access to ranged, nor many means to boost its attack. Notable exception here is Catachan Outpost, which can flexibly make a Deadeye more punishing. Also, of course, AM and its allies aren't exactly replete with 0-1 cost good command units, which makes the Deadeye a key part of the command game. With AM you'll often be deploying these early in the phase, often upstream, as a probing command move, while holding back your 2 cost 2 command guys for counter-plays. The Ratlings are far less useful on the front line, rather they're part of a broader plan that tells your opponent that if they snipe you, they're in for 1 or 3 points of ranged damage first. While a lot weaker on paper than the Marksman (because of the -1HP) they actually operate in a different environment, and are played in a very different way.


In short, the Marksman is a combat threat that is played to enhance your main battle, and to receive Tau combat tricks. The Deadeye is a downstream command play that discourages Warlord Commitments to their planet, and part of a wider attrition game.

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nailed it