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Type: Planet
Type Symbols: Material, Tech, Strongpoint

Battle: Each player puts a unit into play from his hand at his HQ.

Set: Core Set Number: 183 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Mauro Dal Bo
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Yeah... so this one... 95% of the times, I'll just not trigger it. If it weren't for the 3 symbols, this might be the most neglected planet ever.

    • FedericoFasullo likes this

It's more useful than it looks. In the current metagame, where many players keep their costs no higer than 3 (or even 2!) dropping your 5-6 costed finisher for free is priceless. Most players tend to look for a more immediate benefit, though, instead of this long term investment. This planet will also be very demanded when new "combos" arise, like some of the already existing ones that move units from the HQ to a planet.

    • Elrad likes this
Mar 27 2015 04:01 AM
Nothing like dropping a XV88 and your opponent drops a Sentinel. Priceless!
    • Dev0lved likes this

The winner of the battle must have a unit in hand to trigger the battle ability.

If the battle ability is triggered, you are required to put a unit into play if you have one in hand. This is not an optional effect once triggered.


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