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Invasion Site

Invasion Site

Invasion Site

Type: Support
Faction: Tyranids
Cost: 0
Traits: Location.

Reaction: After an Elite unit you control is destroyed, sacrifice this support to gain XN. X is equal to that unit’s printed cost.

Set: Against the Great Enemy Number: 106 Quantity: 3
Illustrator: GW Design Studio
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Omega loves this. I'm on the fence for the others, though. Getting your money back (or even making a profit) on elite death is great, but it's a unique support which is a hard sell for Tyranids (Tyranids need better events; there's already a ton of interesting "alt economy" supports cluttering up the binder that never see play because they're so situational and you have to include too many of them to see them early enough to matter; nothing worse than facing the end game with a hand full of supports you can't play). I mainly see myself using this in high elite, low unit count decks where this card can help offset my weak command game.

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I'm trying to build an Omega Elite Deck, but I assume he likes to have just 2-3 Elites and more of his other genestealers.

Using this support with a combination of Fall Back! and Sudden Adaptation to ambush Ymgarl multiple times is the only reason I see this being viable.

The thing is that with this new support you can just put an elite to first planet and don't really care if it dies or not.

This will allow you either to kill some opponent units before taking back the resources you spend or just get a free planet if your opponent don't engage your elite.

Either way it's a good way to push more battles without being left behind.

Old One Eye with liktor will actually win a lot of command and also have pressure on key planets.

Omega will be more versatile since he can always ambush after he gets 5 resources and kill anything on demand but omega is not a fighting warlord and also need to spend card slots on infest mechanics thus making it more difficult to find space for everything.

Swarm Lord may play this and finally have a more aggressive build but i believe he wont be able to work in the current meta anyway since he also has trouble fitting everything in it's list.

Of all three i believe the most consistent build will be an Old one Eye Elite heavy build with either Liktor or even Polluter, with Liktor helping on commands and Polluter being able to abuse the Burst Forth Deepstike more efficiently

I like your thinking, though it only removes the care with regards to the resources. At the end of it, you're still 2 cards down. Mind you, 2 cards for 5 or 6 resources? That's not a bad exchange rate, especially as you get to rent an Elite monster along the way.


My main worry here is that to get the benefit, you need to get the cards together at the right time, in the right order, and the timing of the resources is the choice of your opponent.


In a more Elite-intensive faction (say warlords that ally into Chaos or Eldar) you can play these sorts of cards more confidently, knowing you have 7-9 elite units in your deck. If you put 7-9 elites into a Tyranid deck, you basically haven't got the economy to support your cost curve, and including a card like this in place of command plays exacerbates the problem.


I think Tyranid decks suffer if you try to run more than 3 elite units total. That makes this card very hard to use...


Another way of viewing this card would be as part of the solution of Tyranid elite economy. 3 STCs, 3 Digestion Pools, 3 of these, you could probably sustain 7-8 Elites. Would it be a better deck than one which uses those card slots for more conventional cards though? Hard to say. If only Digestion pool wasn't infest dependent, that might be a workable deckshape, but by the time we've run Elites, discounters and this trick, we're rapidly running out of room for the Tyranid cards that are strong in their own right (Regeneration, Ymgarl Factor, Pyrovore, and so on).

Sep 16 2016 03:01 PM

This is an effective card for a 0 cost during the deploy phase, with which 'Nids can have problems.  I think anything 0-1 cost, that is effective, and can be played/used during deploy, is powerful for them.

Play 2 Zeros, 2 Deepstrike and Consumption ;-)

Actually i don't think that running 9 elites 3 stc and 3 of this new support is bad for an elite nid deck.

Don't forget that we have our synapse to play with.

Meaning you can have several deploy turns with a good hand.

STC + This Support + Elite + 1 or 2 cost is a god hand. Also playing with liktor allows you to double snipe command and have your elite on a planet of your choice. Either 1 or maybe 2 depending on colors and triggers.

The problem atm the way i see it is that our elites are not so good without attachments meaning that this play wont be so efiecient first turn. But the new support acts as a back up plan in case things go bad in a fight.

The current state of the game allows you to go all in with elites and buff them with attachments. Fallback is a solid play still and combo's with the new support.

I will get the pack this week so i will prolly test after nationals. The competitive side of the game is dead anyway so from now on it will be fun games only giving us the opportunity to run different lists.

I would prefer Polluter to Lictor, so you can move your Elites around and get value out of Burst Forth .

I would prefer Polluter to Lictor, so you can move your Elites around and get value out of Burst Forth .

I have tested Polluter and while it is strong and working good , the extra command from liktor is more consistent especially in the early stages of the game and it allows you to play elite + 1 drop threatening to win 3+ commands

Jul 19 2018 03:12 AM
I think this is a great card for OOE Elites. Getting 5 extra resources in the middle of a battle is a great thing. I can see about 3 applications during battle. Say you don't have any resources, but you have Fallback and/or Dark Cunning in your hand and then Ymgarl Factor attached to some unit. Say someone destroys the Elite unit you have. 1. Use the resources to play Fall Back you couldn't previously. 2. Boost Ymgarl Factor for offense or defense. 3. Play Dark Cunning. Other than that, just 5 extra resources for another round is always a good thing.
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This card is generally great , even in Omega with just 6 elites .